1950s self-help video is textbook ADHD



I’m watching this and I’m thinking “huh…Barbara has ADHD” and actually has some good advice from “Helen” on organizing her day.

Of course, my inner “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” commentary sarcastically ended the video saying, “Barbara was later diagnosed with ADHD, and was one of the first to take Ritalin. She then became the first female Senator from her state, serving 20 years. Helen, of course, became the first famous female serial killer.”


Omg, I am so glad we have @Jessica with her non-judgemental dominoes now! :sweat_smile:

I liked the extra voice over text above, thank you! Where on earth did you find this video? :joy:

By the way, who else thinks Barbara’s pyjamas are way nicer than Helen’s boring colour-free ones?


Wow. Amazing find, but ouch… that really hurts.

At first I was going to say I’ve never felt so targeted in my life, but actually I pretty much have this voiceover playing constantly on a loop, either internally by my own internalised critic, or externally by people who are just as well-meaning as the insufferable narrator of this video.

Your extra ending really is just the tonic, @Evan, and YES Barbara’s pyjamas are way nicer :nail_care: I also think she deserves credit for her RESOURCEFULNESS AND CREATIVITY with the scarf…


Oh, totally agree…there’s a creativity/situational analysis skill that comes with ADHD. A lot of times it’s to keep yourself functional, but if you get your symptoms under control however way, you can use these skills in the world in so many ways.

And if you figure out how to do that, let the rest of us know how.