2 Days Until Meds

Nervous as hell. In 2 days I will be going to my PCP to get my very first trial of meds. I kind of want to think that he may do something besides the stimulant group. Maybe Strattera or Clonidine? Anyway, I am entering a whole new world and my biggest fear is not knowing who I will be once I get my treatment started. I hope that only the best part of me comes through.


…And the Winner is…

My doctor is going to start me on that. I need to work on lowering my blood pressure. I will have a once a day dosage for the first week. Then up to 60-80mg a day after that-pending any side effects.


You will be you. And its possible that you may not notice a difference on the starting dose.

Take your time. Try different meds and doses and talk honestly with your doctor.



Don’t worry and let us know how it goes. Sharing is caring! :slight_smile:
I’m waiting to get on my meds but experience from harder substances (you know what I mean) shows that you are still you - just a bit happier or ‘speedier’ or spaced out. But still you. :wink:


Hope that it goes well! When I first started meds (diagnosed as an adult, have been on meds for ~5 years now), it was super helpful when somebody compared it to prescription glasses–the world is supposed to look a little different, because glasses help you see more clearly! I definitely notice a difference between when I’m on my meds and not, but for me (with the right prescription), that’s been almost completely a helpful difference.


If you have a preference, mention it to your doctor. Ask why he or she is choosing that particular medicine. Take part in your treatment.

Your medicine should not totally change your personality. It should help you deal with things. An antidepressant allows you to be you without wishing the world would end. An ADHD med allows you to think more clearly and function better, so the best of you comes through. If someone close to you says, or you notice, that your personality changes, then it is the wrong medicine for you and you should discuss it with your doctor. My anti-epileptic drug completely made me the biotch from hell, and my husband told my doctor that it changed me and I need a new medicine. I’ve been fine since. My Strattera helped me concentrate and stopped the constant bouncing of my legs when I sit down.

I hope this helps. -H

I understand being nervous about medication. Stimulants are a possibility for me in a month or two and I have some nerves about it even though I’m also looking forward to the possibility that they could be really helpful.

With other meds I have taken, if there are side effects I am concerned about I tell people around me what those are so that they can also pay attention for them. I keep a record of the date I started the med, the dates of dose changes, what benefits I see and any significant side-effects (along with how those change over time). This way I can have a clear picture of what effect the med is having and I’ve got lots of info for my prescribing doctor

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Mainly, I would probably not get a stimulant due to hypertension issues. I take a small dosage of Amlodipine.

I didn’t turn into someone else when I started taking meds for ADHD. All it did was allow me to focus longer and think clearly. I’m on Biphentin.

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