26 here, was diagnosed years ago but sort of just starting to address it

So yeah. I’ve been in treatment for depression and anxiety for a long time and ADHD always felt like a background problem (although I have been on Adderall for about a year now). Recently I’ve been educating myself on specific symptoms and ways it can affect your life that I never would have guessed, and I’m shocked how many of what I thought were just regular personality flaws seem to be related to ADHD. Hoping I can talk to some people who understand here, and maybe pick up a few tips. Cheers.


I can definitely relate. I was so surprised to learn more and see that the things that were part of me and also the things I struggled with could be connected to ADHD. I had focused on treatment of mood disorder stuff for years, but I was missing out with this whole unaddressed area. Welcome!



Welcome here, good place here . . . Glad to “meet” you (sts)!

And “ditto” to you both re: later in life “discovery” . . .

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Hi and welcome. I promise you will find a nice and supportive community that looks out for one another.

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Welcome. So much information here and plenty of experience to draw from. On a side note I am not sure that someone can have a personality defect. Sure you can have traits that others might not be comfortable with but I am hesitant to call them a defect. Sure someone can be a general ass or other traits but is it a defect ? When I hear the word defect I think broken or faulty. I picture someone with their sense of humour in a bag handing it over to a clown to be repaired.

Who you are is who you are. You can change that with work and help if you need it. But your a person and not defective just different .

Also maybe personality defect is a medical term I have no idea but if it is it’s a poor choice of words.


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:face_with_hand_over_mouth::arrow_forward::clown_face: is :joy::joy::exclamation:

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