26 year old Newbie to the tribe - hi!


Hey! I’m Katy, I’m in the UK and I just got diagnosed in October. I figured out I had ADHD (predominantly inattentive type) after working in a special school for children with autism and ADHD, having lots of training in ADHD and realising, hey! Those techniques work on me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just started concerta and after being super anxious about it on my own, I decided enough is enough and I’m gonna engage in some community support. I’ve been watching How To ADHD for the last year and it’s helped me massively. I love the atmosphere here and hope I can join in with you guys! :smiley:


Ha, I’m impressed! I’m a teacher too, but mainstream. When I did my BEd (in the Netherlands) we just had one module specifically on special educational needs. The main teacher didn’t seem to be very bright, the textbook was rubbish (no index! Who publishes a textbook with no index?!) and my conclusion was ‘what’s the point of all these labels, hell, half of these symptoms are just normal behaviour. I mean, I do loads of those things myself and I have loads of qualifications!’

It was only when the stress of trying to qualify got so bad that the physical psychosomatic symptoms got scary that I sought help. A therapist suggested I had ADHD myself and eventually I decided to get help.


I firmly believe that my Mom has ADHD, but thinks exactly like this. That what she does and how she thinks is perfectly normal. I think it’s why she has such trouble accepting when I tell her how hard it is. She went to Catholic school in the 50s and 60s, so she has LOTS of coping mechanisms that make her look really functional.


I think my mother has at least adhd and ocpd (=my bag of tricks) but I have no intention of sharing my diagnosis or my opinion with her. She’s nearly 80 and Has Never Been Wrong in her life. There is no way she will suddenly accept that it’s the rest of the world that might actually be normal. Well, she kind of does know that, but she thinks they’re all wrong :roll_eyes:


My ex of 6 years got diagnosed with OCPD shortly after I broke up with him… So I appreciate how difficult that is for someone close!! “my way is the correct way and everyone who doesn’t do it like me is an idiot”


Yeah, the strange thing is that I have OCPD but do apologise for being wrong, if anything too often!

The thing my therapist is working on with me is feeling less shame about being less than perfect, and accepting that ‘perfect’ might not often be a sensible goal in everyday life.

My mum taught me that being intelligent meant that anything less than perfect was inexcusable, pretty much. This year I realised that I was carrying this idea around inside me to beat myself up with (how did I not realise this earlier?!)


Hello Katy & welcome!

We’re happy to have you! And that’s such a cool way you figured out you had ADHD!