30 and found out I have ADHD

Hi I’m brand new and was just diagnosed with ADHD. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and bipolar with many psychiatrist but it just didn’t feel right. When I got this diagnosis I was a bit werry but I did research and this is opened my world. I now know what has been going on my whole life. Now the next step, umm…I have no idea what that step is lol. Anyone have suggestion.


First of all . . . WELCOME to a good place!!

Depends on how ADHD impacts your life (negatively or positively). Medication along with “coaching” is the typical scenario. Yes, there are Coaches who help :brain::brain::brain::brain: cope, develop strategies, use ADHD to advantage, push one “off the bench” as needed . . . while being supportive! I’m not talking psychotherapy, though some :brain::brain::brain::brain: find it helps, most often CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Obviously, no one here can (or should) recommend (i.e. “prescribe”) medication . . . But there is a great deal of information here (including Jessica’s videos) . . . both anecdotal and factual. No doubt you stand to gain ideas from looking around on this site!

So again WELCOME, stick around to help yourself on your journey . . . and help others here too!

Best of luck,
(74 y.o. :brain: diagnosed about 20 yrs. ago)

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Hope we can help out in any way we can.

Welcome Emma, to the ADHD forum.

The next step is treatment. Maybe the bipolar is treated first. If you just had ADHD, you would try medication, it would be titrated to the optimum dose , assuming there are minimal side effects from the medication. Other therapies include CBT, mindfulness. Other therapies include counselling or talk therapy, if required. A person, had been diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD , the bipolar was treated first .Good luck !

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I can relate. Diagnosed later in life and had a Bipolar diagnosis prior to. Since getting treatment for the ADHD and learning more about it, I do think that both the mood disorder and the ADHD diagnoses make sense, though I can see behaviors in the past that were likely ADHD that had been attributed to the Bipolar. It is a relief to finally have a diagnosis and have it fit. It explains a lot, and it has opened the door to treatment options that have greatly improved my life and my understanding.

Welcome to the tribe!

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Welcome to the forums Emma! (@ShortOne)

And welcome to the Tribe!

This is how I felt when I got diagnosed with ADHD, as well! It actually was a relief for me to get a diagnosis, and my life (and struggles) made so much more sense.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with anxiety. My doctor treated me for the anxiety first.

As Barry said, we can’t recommend medication here, but we can share anecdotal information. My doctor tried me on various doses of Adderall XR first, and at best it seemed to be half as effective as I needed it to be (increasing the dosage didn’t increase the effectiveness). I’ve been on atomoxetine (generic form of Strattera) for nearly a month, and it is really helpful for me.

It can take time to get the right medication and dosage (and medication needs can change over time). I count myself fortunate that it only took about 7 months for me.

I’ve gone through some counseling, and think I should try coaching (but it’s not in the budget right now, and seems to be hard to find in my area if you’re not a student).

I’m very grateful for these forums, for all the sharing and acceptance within the community. Over a year ago, I came across Jessica McCabe’s TEDx Talk video, and that led me to her HowToADHD YouTube channel, which led me here. I’ve learned a lot from her videos, and several of them have pointed me to other good sources. Since then, I’ve found a lot of information from websites, YouTube videos, podcasts, and books.