34/M Hello!

Hi all, My name is Pat. I’m 34. I’m a married father of 2, Civil Engineer, and as of my diagnosis last Tuesday, a fellow brain. I’ve suspected ADHD for a long time and have been able to cope alright with a constant and at times brutal obsession with personal development (with a lot of help from caffeine and nicotine). My family has had a lot of stressors the last couple months and my standard routines weren’t cutting it. I needed more help. Set up an appointment for the Psychiatrist and walked out with a prescription for Bupropion (150 mg XL). Doc thought that would be best to tackle the ADHD with a side of depression. I’m not feeling any different yet but trying to be patient. I just want the stuff to work so I can focus.
I want to thank Jessica and the people here for the wonderful information. This is a brave group and I’ve learned a lot in my lurking prior to joining.


Welcome Pat. I am relatively new here and have found this group to be dynamic, helpful, and supportive. I am a bit older than you at 73 but I also have ADHD. I confirmed that 2+ decades ago. My son 42 was diagnosed at age 4. It took him a while to get through college and like you is an engineer (electrical).

It just happens that I take bupropion as well, along with Prozac. They help with my depression and anxiety. I was placed on Ritalin for a short period of time but it had a negative effect on my BP.

Don’t want to go on at great lengths here. Will be glad to “chat” with you anytime.

Barry (from Brooklyn)

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Thanks very much for the support!

I think part of my late diagnosis is that I didn’t struggle “enough” in school. Always had pretty good grades up to college. Constantly heard that “I could get straight A’s if I just tried harder.” In college, I struggled with studying. Couldn’t be in a group because I’d distract everybody. Had to study by myself. Mostly late night cram sessions with lots of caffeine. Luckily I went to a small college and could get lots of 1-1 time with professors. Graduated on time there. Did grad school while working full time a couple years later. Again I forced myself through but picked up a nicotine habit and about 35 lbs. That was a long 3 years.

Since I’ve done well in school and been a high achiever by arbitrary society standards, nobody really realized how hard it’s been for me. Honestly reading the stories here have helped a lot. I’m not alone!

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I was on Wellbutrin for a while and it helped. I eventually transitioned off it due to side effects but found a new medicine that works. Welcome!