35 year old male, recently diagnosed


I been through quite a roller coaster, if feels good to find people with similar problems. I started self medicated at 12 with just about anything I could get my hands on. Then graduated to opiates, I’ve been completely clean since July after 10 years of methadone. My problems only intensified after becoming clean, I was terminated from General Motors in October after 13 years because of my emotional outbursts. It’s my 5th day on concerta and I feel like a different person.



Welcome to the Tribe!! Hey, I’m sorry to hear about your change of status, with work its always a struggle, and luckily you came clean you will go through a complete transformation, but stay true to yourself and trust the process… I am sure you will find a great place.



Thank you

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I want to add that the anxiety and depression was almost debilitating. Not to mention the complete inability to process simple Tasks.

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Hey Nick. Welcome to the tribe.

I can relate, although my own weapon of choice was weed.

I’ve found it more difficult since diagnosis. Since I’ve had to declare my ADHD meds when applying for jobs (random D&A testing on a minesite), the jobs have dried up.

I’m glad the concerta is working well for you. I can’t really say that the dexamphetamines have done much for me. Some, but definitely not a magic bullet.

Damn! 13 years… That’s a shame. The most I’ve ever managed has been 6 years. I hope you got a decent payout at least…



No the union is fighting for my job lol, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for “weed” lol. It completely masked the methadone withdrawal. I’m still a daily user but my intake has decreased significantly. I’m lucky to have the psychiatrist that I have.

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Hope the union works out and you get to keep your job. You were adjusting to medicational changes, of course you’re gonna be volatile, but it should settle down… Hope it works out for you…!:cold_sweat:



Welcome to the tribe, Nick! Where you are sounds much like what I went through a couple of years ago. I was unemployed for a while, then spent 4 years in an entry-level job (I have about 30 years experience). I had to settle down and learn to do the best I could in the place I was in, I had to learn to develop good habits and a good attitude, and most importantly, I had to re-learn how to value myself. Not just what I can do, but who I am.

I wish you the best in getting your meds regulated and finding where you need to be.

Hang in there and keep us posted.

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