365 A Daily Journal Reflection

Fellow ADHDers have talked about journaling and using it to see patterns and maybe we can share what we have noticed as trends and remember that breaks are needed and sometimes we have to delight in even accomplishing the smallest things. We are all up against so much, let’s challenge ourselves but never be so hard on ourselves that we shy away from our goals!!

Here’s to a daily reflection journal for 365 days a year, share as you would like!!! Cant wait!!!

So excited to hear about our insights and share in our journeys!!!




@annamaria omg I just had a thought!!! Picture journaling too! Like if we see something and it evokes an emotion, pictures can be so beautiful to share! Like landscapes or flowers and that sort!!!


Yes, I will join in.
For the others, we started this idea in PiPo thread “Is it ADHD or Mood Disorder:”

I am planning to do the morning pages. Julia Cameron style, look it up if you like - There is a book called “The artists way” from 1992 - it is quite spiritual, but you can take as much spirituality as you like from it. I Love the technique. Used it for years, but somehow dropped the habit.

The idea is to write three pages “stream of consciousness writing” every morning first thing. A brain dump which makes you aware of where you at and what is keeping your mind busy. It raises self-awareness and helps with selfcare. Be aware not to be critical with your self. In the books itself. It is a 12 week course, there are exercises against being to critical, or seeing who your support partners are. Actually i would love to do the 12 weeks again, if someone would be interested in joining me.

BUT - I strongly believe everyone should use the journaling styles that suits him*her. If it is evenings it is evenings and if it is something totally else, that is fine.

It would be nice, if we could report and encourage each other.

For me living on Central European Summer time/ GMT +2 it is 11.49 am right now. I think it would be interesting if we would add that in the beginning of our posts, so we could know the routines of the others. What do you guys think?

I feel motivated to start journaling again. Happy you feel the same @ Harmony :woman_technologist: :open_book: :paintbrush: :spiral_notepad: :fountain_pen: :woman_technologist:t5:

Here is a link to an article on Julia Camerons “The Artists Way” for people interested. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/02/style/julia-cameron-the-artists-way.html


This summer I found out about the Hero’s Journal and decided to get it to help keep more on track this semester. What I like about this journal is that It allows me to not overwhelm myself with too many to dos (3 main goals a day) and then it allows me to reflect on my day. there is a section for allies, enemies, and things I am thankful for. then there are reflection pages to look back and see what you’ve learned or how you’ve grown. Plus there are images on every page to color in.

So far I have learned I get more schoolwork done if I try to work in the mornings and I have been able to see better the people and things that have helped me on bad days and what makes it harder for me to get things done. I’ve found that I get less done when I’m stressed and when unexpected schedule changes happen (even if my day isn’t too disrupted). I try to write about my day before bed and then set up the next day as well so I have a plan for the next day. It doesn’t always work that way though. The amazing thing though, this is the longest I’ve stuck to a journal/planner of any form.

I’m interested to hear how other people journal. There’s a lot of different things out there.
@Harmony Picture journaling sounds cool!

It may not be for everyone but, just in case this journal sounds interesting to anyone, you can look up “The Hero’s Journal” on facebook, youtube, instagram, and they have a website. https://theherosjournal.co/


11.35 pm
Hi @MadHatte, great that your in.

Your journaling sounds cool. It sounds like you found out a lot about the way you work.
I will start tomorrow morning again. I will check out the hero’s journal, even though I believe I stick with the “mother of journaling”.

Planing in the evening for the next day sounds good. But then, my nights are so full of emotions and sleeping not sleeping, wandering thoughts. That I believe evenings are to far away from the next day. I do make a weekly. But the condition I am in and what I can actually do, I can#t decide on and make plans before the actual morning.

Good night Annamaria


11:43p HST

I made it in with 17 minutes to the next day! Whew! Lol.

I really liked the ads for the hero journal @MadHatter I havent tried it yet but the plots would totally feed my old love for something like final fantasy or spirited away by hayao miyazaki. I’d likely try to have one where I were in a minecraft world!!!

Both of you have great ideas for journals I hope to try! and I’m very thankful because I had a lot happen today. Almost lost one of my family members it was a hard day. I still found strength to write in a new journal to see patterns in my feelings and thoughts, and hinderances but also make a commitment to pursue and persist in life always! I am grateful for you both because now i can say that I’ve pushed through because you both keep me accountable and made me feel excited to go through this process. A year from now…I cant even begin to imagine the exciting things, the things that’ll build resilience and character and dreams…but I’m very thankful for you both being here!




I’d love to hear about how your journal entry went!!! Wishing you a day with clarity and peace of mind!!


14:30 CET

Dear Harmony,

So good to hear you got started. Sounds like a difficult day you had. Wishing you all the best for your family member.
I just wrote now, after I read your entry. I was so busy with work and having some kids sleepover stuff like that, that I didn’t#t get started. So it is you who made me accountable. So I am grateful having found the two of you as well.
I have sleepless nights at the moment and feel trashed in the mornings, so I just fell out of bed when the 4 kids ranging from 5 to 8 said “we are hungry”. That was 7 o clock in the morning (not soooo late) but once the machine runs, it is difficult to find a moment of peace. So_ DAY 1 - check.
Looking forward to hear from you.



11:50p HST

Day two of 365.

Dear @annamaria,

I am so glad we have this forum for this purpose! I hear the sound of a whistling tea pot or coffee pot bubbling as you mention 7 o’clock and the children waking you up!! Do they do distance learning from home too?

I’m very sorry about sleep. I hope you get lots of rest tonight and a peaceful day tomorrow. Have you journals in these restless nights? Tonight’s entry I journals about the foods I ate to also see if that makes a difference I can reflect on later too.

This is all starting to make more sense to me as I understand the purpose behind writing things down to look and sort them out rather than keep it in my head all the time.

Cant wait to hear from you, have a beautiful day



And thank you for your kind words.


4:25 am CET
Day 3 of 365

HI Harmony,

I am so glad it helps you. I am still struggling. But it is actually due to procrastinating, lacking routines and stuff like that. We have vacation right now (2 weeks - our vacations are split up through the year) we just started school again after month of homeschooling. Now numbers are going up again, I so hope schools will be open. So yes there is this tee kettle (water boiler - a little bit less romantic) - but somehow there is not the me time with a cup of tea at the moment.
Journaling already made me realize this and also that I am not hydrating myself and how much alone time I need.

Hi everybody especially @vh0622, I am so glad we start here. For me it is I really want to reestablish the habit of a daily brain dump and a reconnection with myself.


Thanks for the welcome!!!
10:43 PM EST- 10:54 PM EST
Day 1 of 365

I have a lot of (or their lack of) routine with the pandemic going on. Numbers are going up, School cases are going up, Our school’s guidelines are going up, and just in general ADHD kicking me in the shin (Idk why I said shin but Ima go with it.) I can’t seem to focus on my school work I tried to stay off of any form of games and twitch youtube (exception of Jessica’s videos.), and discord, but with how under-stimulated I was it did not work. And my brain has stopped working (Brain.exe is not responding) Umm where was I… ah yes. So I am trying to find ways to make schoolwork more stimulating and I am at a blank. :thinking:. So Idk if I did this right probably did not but ya know oh well. And tomorrow is Chocolate Cupcake day :smiley: so that’s something.

I had something else to right but now I can’t get it out… oh well there’s always tomorrow.


12:18 am HST
Day 3 of 365

Hi Annamaria,
I was actually starting to think if I’m actually on day 4 already since it’s after midnight, but I wrote my entry and got stuck on youtube learning about dinosaurs? (seriously…i have no clue haha)

I feel like I spent so much time reading and learning today…on everything of course that is not important that I should be doing. I’m a bit worried about the projects I have to complete tomorrow but I’m hopeful. I think I have RLS and it seems despite how tired I am I may not get much sleep again but lets hope instead we all have a great nights rest and lots of sleep!!

The children I work with just came back from fall vacation!! I quite enjoy that as a teacher I will have the same weeks off as the children, I haven’t any children yet but I’m excited to spend it with my family.

I imagine vacation/break and COVID doesn’t help with maintaining routines and I’m very sorry! Fall break was so great but caused me major anxiety because for two weeks I didn’t know how to regulate and it wasn’t the same if I wasn’t getting up to go to work at the school every day. Now I’m finding my weekends to feel jumbled so I’m hoping to level out a bit by next week!

How do you like to spend your alone time? I do think it’s so important. Reading about you making sure to hydrate more is making me remember I haven’t had a thing to drink in about… 8 hours hahaha wow… those dinosaurs got me hooked lol.

I am really glad for reestablishing brain dumps again too! Even if I feel disconnected through the day I feel much more regrounded after I journal. Thank you so much for this!!!



@vh0622 Aloha and hello!! Welcome!!!

Thank you for joining, so excited to hear about your days and entries and the connections you make from your journal! I’m really sorry about the challenges with routines. If I wasn’t physically in a school working with teachers and children every week, I really would challenge even greater with routines…which is what happened for me, I couldn’t manage to know where time goes before and thankfully I don’t own a playstation or games anymore otherwise I’d get no work done either lol. I can’t recall if I posted this to your post or anothers, so please forgive me, but look up “dopamine detox” it was very helpful for me when I learned about it for basically giving your brain a chance to replenish the dopamine it has lost. I have days where (unlike today where I wish I did this) I shut off all electronics and I just keep the curtains closed and catch up on sleep and take longer baths and give myself a massage or face and hair mask…i know kinda for feminine but our bodies work hard, our brains work hard, they deserve to receive what will help them replenish :slight_smile:

I LOVE that tomorrow is Chocolate Cupcake day!!! I wish my students were in school because I’d bring them cupcakes!!! That gives me an idea for a lesson I could teach though!!! Do you know the “right way” to eat a cupcake? The cake boss says you split the bottom from the top and place it over the frosting like a sandwich! Delicious!

What about schoolwork is not stimulating? Is there lack of a reward? Ohhh yes! Are you the one who asked about stickers?! Omg I love stickers! But I think because they weren’t like in a chart so I could see exactly how much I needed to do to fill up the chart, I didn’t get anything done by using them! For me I block out time slots for when to do things. It doesn’t always work but when I need it to work, and I am able to buckle down, I just know that starting is the hardest for me and not getting off on tangents, and I worry I would need to finish it all at once so instead I just do whatever and as much as I can in 30 minutes and then as I’m 4 minutes to end of that 30 minutes, I start finishing up and prep to open the next…it’s also why I likely have almost 200 tabs open though.

Apparently I had a lot more to journal…because here I am rambling here haha! Well, I am excited you’re here and I won’t press anymore and instead I think it’s empowering you’re journaling and I know you’ll see your own patterns and connections from it!

Tell me how you enjoyed cupcake day!!!



@annamaria, @vh0622, @MadHatter

I am really LOVING THIS!!! I am also extremely expressive and likely combined type ADHD so if I am overly hyperactive versus extremely calm othertimes I’m really sorry!!! I am just so excited for this! It’s kept me accountable and I’ve never once consistently journaled more than two days in a row and it helps coming back on here to hear about your days! Just knowing others who understand, who may not need to hear the explanations as they are going through it too, but they listen anyway. I appreciate you all and I am so excited to hear from you all again about how today/tomorrow has gone!!!


love that idea

Yeah, and I have not been able to get myself stickers off of amazon yet.

One of my problems is that I have school till 3 pm and then practice from 5 pm to 7 pm and I try to go to bed at 10 pm. I have to shower, eat, get homework done, and yet after that long of a day all it wants to do is play games.


I am excited for you for this journaling journey to see where you may find gaps of time so you can still have game play and accomplish work too! I get very excited to start a project and then spend forever planning it and struggle executing, and then I am scrambling to finish it and get it turned in on time the night before. But that’s how I get my best ideas. I also don’t take medication though, I often wonder how different my habits would be with CBT and medication.

I can’t promise any quick solutions, but my hope is journaling will help make the ideas more clear before you know it!


10:08 pm HST
Day 4 of 365

Hi Everyone, @annamaria, @vh0622, @MadHatter,

I had done journaling earlier today and since today is sunday I also reflected on the last few days. I felt extremely anxious and couldn’t shake the feeling. I started noticing I felt overwhelmed and consumed by some major projects I’m working on for university that I present all week this week and then everything else on top I think it all got to me. But, I had the best lesson ideas today about the phases of the moon, and I am on here a bit earlier so I can continue to work on it after I post to all of you.

As I stated, I also reflected briefly about the last few days and I noticed I had not taken a day this week to completely disconnect and reground myself. I am planning to make some time for such this Wednesday. I imagine everyone is experiencing some form of burnout or exhaustion or restlessness at this time and just want you all to know I hear and see you and I’ll be here to remind you that you will get there and things will work out, don’t give up!!!

Also, I wrote really weird today, normally I write in larger font and scroll edge to edge of the paper but today I wrote very small, almost illegibly, and only in the center of the page. Anyone else experience this when they journal?

I can’t wait to hear about how things are going for you,




1:41 pm CET ( love that your are adding the time as well Harmony, it gives me a feeling about you writing in the morning or in the middle of the night. Actually I think it is 12 hours difference between or locations.)
Day 4 of 365

@Harmony @vh0622 @MadHatter

Hello everyone,

as Harmony I AM LOVING this as well. I am struggling right now and I believe I wouldn’t journal without you. Today I checked here read your entries, went back to journal myself and came back here now so that I can report. :slight_smile:
I also wrote an email to my doctor that I need support which is a big step in the right direction.
I can’t write a lot today but I hope you are all making progress. I do realize a lot of my problems. And I try to step away from my laptop today. For me it was not dinosaurs @Harmony but 4 hours of baby foster bats and the craziness of poodle grooming. DON’T ASK.
Anyhow. I will start to do something more practical today.

Take care everyone


11:15 AM EST
Day 2 (acctualy 3) of 365

@Harmony @MadHatter @annamaria


I am also enjoying this. The reason I did not post yesterday is that I post before I go to bed and I was sick and still am so I went to bed because I would not be able to type with my headache. I have been starting to meditate before school and before we leave anywhere on weekends. Meditating has really started to help me out a lot. It helps my focus and helps relieve stress on days that I have big projects or assignments. Also what time zone is CET, HST, and @MadHatter’s time zone and what time is it as your reply.



Hi Trent,

please don#t feel compelled to writ everyday. This should be nice if we keep each otters going on journaling for ourselves everyday and motivating each other to do so.
I hope you feel better. As I told on others places already I am having a hard time at the moment as well, so if I don#t write tomorrow, that is the way it is.

CET is Central European time. Which is +2 hours to GMT Greenwich Mean Time. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/cet-to-gmt-converter

I on the one side curious, at which time of the day you guys post in order to understand the schedules better. And on the other side a bit irritated when I joined this forum, that (in my impression) others had a nice chit chat and when I wrote something others would not answer, or just would answer something in general, but it didn’t#t have this back and forth energy of a conversation.
HST is Hawaiin standard time. Now, when I realized that HST for example is 12 hours different from CET I stopped wondering. Whenever I wrote Harmony for example must have been sound asleep. So this is why at some point I asked, if in this thread you could add your timezone. Thank you for doing so.
Maybe it would be easier to compare if we had the same reference point.
For example if you know GMT I could tell you that I have 6 pm CET which is 4 pm GMT
I am kind of stuck on this one right now, for have trouble establishing night and day rhythms.
I also find it intersting if we journal in the morning, were it is more about feeling and mood and plans, or if we journal in the evening where I found out it is more about reporting and keeping track.


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