37, Still Undiagnosed, Never had a support group in my life.


Thanks Fscott, Gar, and ask!

The support is great - its wonderful to simply know that I’m not delusional about my experiences, so that all by itself has added tremendous value to my life.

No matter how inconsistently I dip into this forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I met with the PCP, and he’s great. Asked me lots of personal questions, set me up with a counselor in the office, and said we need to get my blood pressure under control before we start talking about ADHD meds (which makes me feel a bit impatient, but seems like a wise decision regardless of how I feel about it). The doc is great - the office is disorganized, but no matter how busy they are, he takes the time to thoroughly understand how his patients feel both physically and emotionally before offering medical interventions.

I love that list ask, he actually wound up talking to me about all of those points, and took some time into digging into each of them (we were talking for roughly 20 to 30 minutes after the nurse took my vitals). So your list and comment have confirmed that, at least for now, this doc is worth my time and trust.

Man, if I didn’t have Obamacare, I don’t know what I’d do.


I have had similar experiences. When I’ve been at my deepest and darkest, I often had no idea I was depressed, and came across as happy, smiling, carefree. Until I’d get to the peak, and it would all come tumbling down.

That was decades ago. Now my usual response to depression is numbness. Which is often also my reaction to a good day. Not sure it’s an improvement.

The personal hygiene is definitely a thing. Personally, it contributed to my divorce. I only have half my teeth now after 50 years of neglect, lack of funds to see a dentists, apathy. My teeth, even when they were complete, sparkly and new, looked like tombstones thrown around in a hurricane.

The ladies sure do like it when you turn up to a date, and your teeth look like shit. So dating has become a huge embarrassment for me, even before the embarrassing date stuff happens.

I can’t currently pay my water bill, so showers are officially now a “when I have to” event.

My house is a mess. One of my last remaining friends came over last week to help me build a gate for the house. He was clearly put out by the mess, and this was after I’d spent four hours cleaning. I don’t think he will be back.

Lazy? Stupid? Yeah. That’s been my whole life. Despite the fact that I have to work ten times as hard as anybody else, just to get out of bed. Let alone to put in a full day’s work or study.


I have found tremendous value in this video: https://fs.blog/2014/10/brene-brown-guilt-shame/

There is also an idea that really informs my thinking when it comes to my business: “There are no million dollar ideas. Only million dollar executions.” So, when I start to get into the weeds, I have a habit of asking myself how I would implement it right now. If I can’t, I focus on how to get what I need to do it right now, and what on THAT list I can do today.

This helps to keep me anchored in the present. Which doesn’t always work, as right now I should be writing a thing for a client and instead I’m responding to your post. :stuck_out_tongue: GHA! Back to work for me!


I like that… Too tired to watch the vid, I’ll look tomorrow.