38 Male Lifetime ADHD suspect, ADHD/ASD Dx in 2019 & first time on ADHD Meds

Hi everyone!
After a lifetime of being “Joe’s just a little ADHD” my coping mechanisms I had put in place all decided to fail at once.
I had inherited my parents hesitance to using medication for most of my life. It and it wasn’t until my spouse had read “Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?” and started to realize how after 15 years of Marriage things she thought about how I relating to her were more related to my brain and I might not have any idea of how it was effecting those around me that we started to talk about a formal Dx and Meds.
I was really resistant an ultimately had to completely crash over Christmas to be on board but the How to ADHD videos really helped to soften me to the idea.
I walked out of my ADHD Dx evaluation with an ASD one. This mostly caught me by surprise, although I had asked for them to check if they could.
This Dx explained a whole lot of the missing pieces for me and made a whole lot of my past experiences make sense. Being able to give a name to things really helps.
I’m on 20mg Focalin XR w/ an optional 10mg boost as needed
I’m looking forward to interacting with all you Brains!


Welcome to the forums!!! Glad you’re here!


Hi joe! Hope you like it here ( even though we’re all a bit wacky :sweat_smile: )
I also have ADHD and ASD, and there’s a lot of crazy overlap but it can be fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Hope you like it here!