5 Tips for Making Your (Valentine's) Date ADHD Friendly

What did y’all think of the video?

My dad and I are both Brains, and recently I’ve realized that we’ve naturally incorporated Jessica’s suggestions into our parent-child outings!
Right now, we’re planning on going to a book store and picking out something for each other.
What’s your best date ( romantic or not ) ideas?

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Requirement 1, before all those tips: get a date in the first place. Doh!


Oohh yeah good point :joy:


I think “romantic” is a pretty broad definition and can and should change over time. Variety is romantic, but so is being simple and cheap. It’s great to spend time learning about what your partner enjoys, and try to plan around those.

Here are some my past dates/ideas:

  • Go to the library and pick out one of your favorite books to have the other person read. They do the same for you.
  • Enjoy a local festival.
  • Dinner / lunch out is always good, but so is cooking meals together, especially if it’s something new or a favorite dish.
  • Buy the s/o tickets to one of their favorite artist’s concerts. I did this and we turned it into a weekend in Chicago so we had stuff to do before and after the concert.
  • Try to arrange something unique. For example, finding an exclusive or limited activity. Here are some examples we’ve done / are doing: Pie in the Sky in Chicago or a Sleigh Ride
  • Rent a hotel room, or stay at a local bed and breakfast.
  • Have a movie night. Or a movie fest! We made several date nights during October by watching horror films.
  • Go to an arcade.
  • Make shopping a date (it can actually be fun together).
  • Coffee dates (great for first dates).
  • Gym date (and maybe dinner after).
  • A trip to an apple orchard.
  • Canoeing.
  • Go to a Renaissance Festival.
  • Put together a memory book or album for the other person.

Those are just a few ideas from what we’ve done in the past few months. It’s important that in all relationships you continue to make an effort. Like Jessica says, it’s easy for the shiny and new to wear off in a relationship and for things to become routine. It’s important as partners to put effort and time into the relationship and keeping the romance alive.

Bottom line, romance means different things to different people. Be flexible. Have fun. And know that not all dates have to be successful. There can still be good things that come from bad dates, including good memories and opportunities for growth in the relationship. :slight_smile: