@53 i feel my best yrs r behind me and its tuff to change my old ways

I know i will be better after a long fight I totally got to reconstruct all aspects of life and how to run it . Learning to spot ADHD shit as im doing it then taking rite action . its so over f- - king whelming like a 100 ft wave and all i have is arm floats & a rubber ducky as i look str8 up at it If i ever wanted to throw in the towel this is it


Amazingly, if you’re in danger of drowning, you’re usually better off floating than swimming. The swimming just wears you out, while floating can keep you alive long enough for the situation around you to improve.

Less is sometimes more😚


I am loving that metaphor, Lustforlife. There’s a concept in Eastern (Tao Buddhist) philosophy called the Wu-Wei. It means, roughly, “cut with the grain.” Let things take their course. Do your business, but do it without seeking unnecessary challenges. Similar idea. Float with the current, don’t fight the water. (The Wikipedia page on Wu-Wei covers the Confucianism and political implications of the term. I suggest, instead, looking at any of a number of discussions of it by Alan Watts on YouTube to get more at the side of Wu-Wei that I’m interested in.)

To Donn, I am 53 as well. I got diagnosed right at 10 years ago and am glad I did find out about it, but I have to admit, I feel like you seem to feel, quite often, as well. For example, seeing myself do stupid shit and worrying that I’ve lost SO MUCH TIME to the things I couldn’t control, felt like I had NO CHOICE over, the wave was coming no matter how hard I tried to paddle … :frowning: … it’s not a great feeling, but, you know what? it is just a feeling. Best wishes, we’re right there with ya!


theres also a song popular back in the day only words in it r " got a lust 4 life "i think

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It’s by Iggy Pop, one of my favourite songs!

Actually I like loads of his songs, but Lust for Life matches my personality etc much better than, say, ‘I Eat Dog Food’ (I don’t, by the way :wink:) :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


funny how i can name a tune in a few notes Tell you what ban & who s singing it I can pick it out on a 6 string even get close to date but i cant remember were my flippen keys are !

Music’s different though, innit?

yes lots i think cuz im getting old lol

I completely with ya, junior (I’m 54)! The past 7 years have been a wild ride, and I felt like my life was unraveling before my eyes. My wife was ready to be done with me, and so were my children. I was in an entry-level job.

I had hit rock-bottom. I was contemplating extinguishing my own flame. I saw my wife setting a course away from me, and it was soul-crushing. Someone asked me what was wrong, and I told her what was going on. She essentially told me that I did not have to lose my life, did not have to lose my wife, did not have to lose my kids. I did not have to accept the status quo. She explained that my wife felt alone because I was not contibuting to our life together like I should.

I essentially packed up everything that was a distraction from my family and my work. I made an effort to not take anything for granted. Things turned out very well for me, and my wife and I have a better relationship than ever.

Sometimes I get terrified that I will slip back into the pit I crawled from. That inspires me to keep trying. To be aware of the state I’m in.

Oh, the person who told me to get off my ass? She got her PhD at 65, and is a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She’s been through some s#!ft, too.


I am not trying to sound boastful, by the way. I feel like several people threw me a life preserver, and I did not manage this without tons of help.


Hey Rickzarro, we’re in the same age category (I’m 53 now, got diagnosed at 43 y.o.) but your story is different from many. You seem to relate that you managed through will-power and effort to make changes against your ADHD. I haven’t personally been able to use those particular medicines. For me, the battle against ADHD requires learning NOT to try to use will-power or effort alone. Though, put in different context, you probably would say the same of yourself … anyway, Hi! :slight_smile: