90 Day Challenge Video

Sooo, Jessica’s newest video about the 90 day accountability challenge came at a good time. I just started this morning actually on my umpteenth attempt at getting into yoga. I think I’m going to go with that.

Who else is going to come up with a challenge?

And we can use this thread to talk about how the challenge is coming along.


Oohh I’m thinking about joining! I I really want to do embroidery, but I don’t know if we’re allowed to send pictures ( instead of videos ). Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with :grin:


Go for it! I’m sure they can work with some pictures.


I may participate in the challenge but not send in videos.


Yeah, I haven’t really decided if I want myself in downward dog to show up on a 400K+ subscriber YouTube channel, so I may do the same. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Has anyone started yet? I’m going to sketch my design and send in the first picture tomorrow :laughing:

Also, what would y’all think about having a daily check in? I think we could all benefit from some extra accountability but I wouldn’t want to add more stress for anyone…

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I’m 6 days into my daily yoga routine. :blush:. Awesome! Go for it. I think routinely and periodically checking in is a good thing.


That’s awesome!!

There was a slight change in plans… I’ve decided to embroider a wedding present for my aunt but because I’m not 100% sure if it’ll work, I’m doing a practice tonight instead of sketching the design. I’ll update the post later w/ photos :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I finished a strawberry pattern. This gave me the chance to test the fabcric and some new thread so I’m pretty happy about it ( despite the fact that it’s about a third of how big it’s supposed to be :joy: ). I’m probably going to sketch the actual design in a day or 2, but for now it’s just lots of practices


I’m 4 days in. I’m committing to daily exercise and writing, both things I’ve been wanting to get started on for a long time now. (Not planning to do a video.) I’m doing light exercise, since it’s more about building a habit.

Another YouTuber that I follow who is a writer did a live one hour writing challenge on Saturday, and I took part in it. Most words I’ve ever put down in an hour if writing (in three 20-minute “sprints”).


What do you like to write about? How has it been so far?

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My favorite genre is science-fiction. I’ve got some ideas for other fiction genres, but the vast majority of my story plot ideas are in the sci-fi realm. I grew up reading sci-fi (not the horror variety, that’s not my scene), taking after my dad. He read Asimov and Heinlein, and I followed suit.

Movies and TV, too. He took me to see “The Empire Strikes Back” in the theater in its original run, we watched Star Trek (original series in syndication), Doctor Who (the 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker), and Battlestar Galactica (with Lorne Greene).

I’ve got some ideas for writing some non-fiction as well. Back in January I thought I’d write books on a couple of topics, but kinda got overwhelmed with the idea. But, I’ve started a blog, which would be a great place for me to put those thoughts and ideas I’ve had. Most of my ideas aren’t original, but rather in response to my TED-ucation the last couple of years (binging on TED Talks, books by TED speakers, and similar).
I went through a rough time at work for a 3+ year period, so I sought wisdom and refuge in books and videos (a lot of how-to, self-help, positivity, and whatever else caught my interest). About 2 years of that time it may have been a prolonged ADHD hyper-fixation, as I sought to find my way out of a bad situation.

As a result, I now feel like I’ve got a lot to share. (The writing part of my 90-day challenge is to actually work on getting things out so that I can share my stories and ideas, and hopefully produce something worth publishing.)


Wow same!!
What’s your favorite book/author? I love Dune by Frank Herbert

How’s your writing coming along?

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Thanks for asking.

To start with, I’ve actually never read “Dune”. I know I’ll get to it someday.

For about the past 10-15 years my favorite author has been Orson Scott Card, for his “Ender’s Game” series of books. I’ve read most of the books in the series. One aspect that I definitely appreciate about the series is that the storyline diverges and then reconverted.

My most longtime favorite author is C.S. Lewis, mostly for the Narnia Chronicles (I know, it’s fantasy and not sci-fi, but it’s what I grew up on). He also wrote the Perelandra series (also known as his “Space series”), which is sci-fi, but it really is more of science-fantasy. I only read the third book in the series “That Hideous Strength” one time, because the horror element gave me nightmares.

Robert Heinlein became my favorite sci-fi author when I was about twelve years old. “Time for the Stars” was the first novel of his that I read, and it’s still my favorite (it’s got space travel with the effects of relativity, AND it’s got telepathy).

Another author who had a profound impact on me was Stan Lee. I became a Spiderman fan at four or five years old, watching reruns on the 60’s cartoon and reading the newspaper comic strip, then the 80’s cartoon “Spiderman and his Amazing Friends” (and since his friends were mutants, I got interested in X-Men comics at ten years old and collected them until I was in my 20’s).

I got distracted the last couple of days, so I only did a little non-fiction writing done on Sunday and none yesterday. I was binging on input (reading this forum and other sites). I was going to write a little last night, but my wife needed my help with something that took until after midnight, so I just went to bed when I was done with it.

Earlier today, I was thinking about the writing challenge I took part in on Saturday. It was an hour of writing broken up into three 20-minute “sprints”, like Pomodoro and similar techniques. I haven’t been very disciplined about working like that in the past, but the success I had (writing about 1200 words in such a short time) was very inspiring. The social aspect of the writing challenge helped me…I was running with a pack, not trudging on solo.

I’m planning to do some more writing this evening, probably after the kids are in bed. I’ve got lots of story plot, but for the sake of the 90-day challenge I’m focusing on a single one (but I just started blogging, so I plan to keep up with that, too).



I remember reading some of the Foundation Trilogy! Over the years reading has been more difficult . . . memory issues (ADHD) . . . So I switched to short, science fiction stories!

:+1::+1: 2 U 4 writing . . . “May the force be with you!” :sunglasses:


Hah! I’ve always had memory issues. That and lifelong attention issues are what made me realize my Executive Function deficiency was not just a matter of “trying harder” (to maintain focus, manage my time, remember things, etc).

My memory isn’t bad for everything. I definitely have issues with working memory, and I also don’t always recall details very well. My procedural memory is a bit better, but I still rely on mnemonic devices and reference materials.

The difference is that I can usually remember anything with a strong emotional connection very well. For me includes special people, special events and stories that I like (books, short stories, tv series, and movies).

For me, stories come alive just as they did when I was little. My imagination becomes like an immersive experience. When I’m reading a really good book, it can be like I’m transported to another universe and experiencing the characters’ lives and feelings.

That’s why I want to be a writer. To bring my own stories into other people’s lives.

(Thanks @Brooklyn and everyone else for the encouragement.)


Thought to put this here. As a way of response and accountability, more on the latter later.

I’ve really taken to audio books, recently found someone who is putting all his old tape books onto youtube and listened to and abridged version of the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy a trilogy in four parts, twas like visiting an old friend, especially when having to do boring chores like cleaning the shower for the first time in months with my hands wiping while my brain dreaming (and ignoring all the other chaos in a ‘family home’).

@Brooklyn I think I saw an article about research that said an audio book is as good as reading the printed story.

Also re listened to Dune by borrowing the audio book on my ipad from the local library online , oh boy some of the ideas that are in that story that a) have shaped me, and b) are reflective of how the world is … concern older and wiser me, especially in these so called enlightened but extremely concerning times.

I wouldn’t mind rereading the Foundation Trilogy, at one point found out that Asimov basically borrowed the plot lines direct from the rise and fall of the Roman empire and re-set it in the stars. So fiction and non-fiction are often times intertwined.

As for my challenge it’s just to focus on my day job, which is making ice while the sun shines. Probably could do some promo videos at the end as part of it all, so if I ever do, I’ll post them here?

good luck ya’ll


Funny that I didn’t see this until just now. I think my phone is busy uploading my video right now. To hold myself accountable, I’ll send it once it uploads.

Jessica’s video really hit home with me, especially the guitar. I’ve been involved with vocal music most of my adult life (contemporary music group at church), but always wanted to play an instrument so I could lead songs while camping with the youth groups I help lead. I bought a guitar a few years ago and have actually made pretty good progress with it (practice regularly, no more than 10 minutes until my fingers toughen up, find some exercises to practice that I can actually measure so I can see progress).

But one thing has always challenged me. When I tried to express it, it came out as “Walking gum and chewing.” I’m actually pretty coordinated, but I’ve never done things where my hands have to act independently. Finger picking on a guitar is really hard for me. And doing that (or trying to follow a strumming pattern) while I’m also singing is pretty much a guaranteed train wreck. So I picked a song to finger pick that I haven’t made much progress on the past few years as my challenge. Maybe focusing on it a little each day…

– John

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“The enemy’s gate is down.” This makes me think of the thread where we were discussing 9+7. I loved how visually it made the case for solving problems in a non-conventional way.

For a couple fun examples about nonconventional tactics, when we take our scouts to summer camp each summer, there is an afternoon of camp wide games on Friday led off by the “Scoutmaster Paddleless Canoe Race.” Besides not having any paddles (and, of course, requiring life jackets), the only required rule is “no blood” (we really don’t want to practice first aid) and whatever else we agree to. I usually try to encourage the other leaders to be a little crazy, not really care about winning, and have a lot of fun. Nearly every canoe ends up being swamped at the hands of people from other teams and the scouts get to see their leaders having fun with each other during the “race.” One year, another troop carried their canoe to the end of the dock before putting it in the water at the beginning of the race. I was impressed with their ingenuity. Unfortunately for them, the race was around a buoy and back. They had to make their way through all the canoes still headed out. One year, every canoe was swamped, but somehow my canoe had a large lead as we got back to shallow water. Then someone else got into our canoe and stood up, pushing it to the bottom. The rules that year included a ban on person-to-person contact. I was dumbfounded on how get him out and make further progress. Mostly, I just laughed. [As an aside, the Creek Fire has burned on three sides of that lake. The camp is still unburned on the fourth.]


Ahh a great series! The movie never did the books justice.

C.S. Lewis is one of my family’s favorites. I also grew up on chronicles of narnia, but never had a chance to read anything else of his. Have you seen his documentary?

Oohh sounds that sounds right up my alley! I’ll have to check it out

Yeah, I was sad to hear that he passed away. I’d heard so many jokes about his immortality that it was hard to believe at first…

I think by now it’s probably the next day for you, how did it go?

Have you read Octavia Butler? I found her a collection of her short stories stories one afternoon and they blew my mind!

This is exactly why I dislike self-help books or textbooks, where’s the story??

How’s it going? What song did you choose?

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Not yet . . . Thanks!