A Desert Hello!

Hello! My name is Roberta, I live in Arizona, and I’ve only been following Jessica’s channel for a couple weeks, but I’ve lived with diagnosed but untreated ADHD my whole life. Diagnosed at 6 but was never given therapy or meds or anything. Going in for an eval with the goal of re-diagnosis and treatment… as soon as I get another copy of my psychiatry referral. I lost the one I had. Oops.


Welcome, Roberta from Arizona!:grin: Hope you like it here in the forum, and find it useful for your journey forward. Hopefully you can get your re-diagnosis in order ASAP, so you can start getting some help, medical or therapeutic!:blush:

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Welcome to the Tribe :slight_smile:

Welcome to the tribe!!! I hope you find your referral soon :grin:

I ended up going to my doctor’s office and getting another copy printed! :smile: I have an appointment on the 24th!


Hello and welcome fellow Desert Dweller!

I am Harley, of Southern California! I hope the process goes smoothly for you and you have a fabulous appointment on the 24th! :heart:


That’s awesome!!! :laughing:

Hi ! My name is Wendy and I live in Tucson Arizona. If you live in Tucson im going to a adhd meet up tomorrow at 1 if you’re interested in joining us


Oh no just missed it! (I live in Tucson, too). Is this via a meetup group?

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Hi. Can you share details on this meetup? I don’t see it on the meetup page?

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Yes, Christine is an adhd coach, she has helped change my life. She worked with me one one for three months and I had grown so much.
She’s volunteering her time to meet with us. She’s doing another meetup this Friday 1-5 at woods library. We’re meeting in a big room in the library I believe it’s to the right when you walk in. I need help with my financial stuff, logging etc and some paperwork to send to me health insurance so I’m gonna bring my tablet and paperwork/notebook so we can work on that. Last time their was someone who needed help with his paper pile he brought in a box filled with papers that we sorted and worked though.
I hope you can make it this Friday. My name is Wendy. If you would like to please call me and we can chat and I can give you more information.

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It’s not on meetup.com. She was a a chadd meeting last month and we discussed setting up this.

In fact ther is a chadd meeting this Wednesday 7-9 at UMC off Campbell. Give me a call. It would be nice to meet another fellow brain. wendy

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May I recommend you delete your phone numbers from these messages after a while, just in case, for privacy reasons. Oh, and robo-calls…:sweat_smile:


Just texted you. My number has the 516 area code (yea never changed it from NY).

Do follow advice of @Marodir to delete the number, as he makes a great point on that!

Look forward to meeting all this week.