A Facebook memory I think you might relate to

FB reminded me that I posted this as my status a while back, I think this might ring a bell for many of you.

Me: dear brain please remember these appointments and dates

My brain: nah

Me: ok brain can you remember these peoples names and contact information for me?

Brain: nope!

Me: ok how about you remember this list of stuff I have to do today?

Brain: not really feeling it!

Me: where I left these important objects I need?

Brain: shakes head

Me: so what will you remember?

Brain: uh…how about lyrics from 20 years ago for songs you don’t even like!


Hahahh I feel ya! :sweat_smile: what song was it?

I don’t remember now, the FB memory was from a year ago. That happens to me all the time though, I will get all kinds of songs stuck in my head that I heard on the radio or something and it will block out all the useful information I am trying to think of.
I’m not really a country music fan for example, no offense to anyone that is, it’s just not my thing- a place I used to work played country music all the time and I still remember the words to most of the songs 20 years later. I wonder how much useful information my brain discarded to remember that.


Oh ok. I have a story then! I know a lot of random trivia about Cats the Musical despite 1. Never seeing it and 2. Not being a giant fan because my singing teacher had me do a little background research and it kinda stuck for my in my head ( although I brushed up on it yesterday because of that awful movie version ) but yeah, I’ve been told I have a good memory because I remembered a random fact but I still can’t remember my own name :yum:
EDIT: now that I read back in this post it doesn’t seem related at all :sweat_smile: