A pill theory


I was wondering, experiencing and experimenting. My current conclusion is: our medication options works because it cuts off some unfiltered information, so our brain and consciousness can handle it. For me, it seems my brain on standard mode has much more input, memory, idea and echo going on than it is manageable by my conscious mind. So these “waves” push out each other, wanting attention and driving my focus. This stream, the “every direction wave” is closed up with pills and only 1-2 tough stays, and i can mostly decide what that 1-2 should be. But… i was wondering… what if we could sort that stream out, understand and handle it better. So we dont have to cut off our brain to “normal” level? And if this is possible, what (if any) technique or supplement could help? Because i think, maybe our constant anxiety, worry, tendency to not socialize and avoid too much stuff is because our input (the things that reach our conscious mind) is bigger than our process capacity. So maybe… just maybe, we can try to develop this capacity? Instead of filtering the info? If it makes any sense …


I think I understand what you mean. I can only speak for myself, because for most of my adult life I forced myself to calm the f### down by learning how to meditate (yes I know that’s hard for people with ADHD - again, my experience). I find when I do, and it’s a controlled environment with few distractions, I can breathe, and slow my perceptions down and focus by slowing myself down. Unfortunately, controlled environments are hard to come by, so I find Ritalin does that for me by default.

I also find there are other tricks you can do to help focus/turn down the volume on other input not necessary for the immediate moment. So, things like having a timer (with a length of time of your choosing) on your phone when you’re in a meeting and speaking. I take a breath in before I start, mentally compose my thoughts, and start. I also engage in tricks like picking one eye to focus on when I’m talking to someone, I practice speaking last and not interrupting, scheduling time in blocks of 25 minute task activity, 5 minute break and repeat. Again, this works for me…it may not work for you.