A question about apps.


Hi. I get upset and aggravated mostly on my worse days about certain celebrities that I can’t stand. Is there any application for forcing my phone to not show those names and articles about them?

I don’t mean I would cancel the access to reading about Donald Trump because he is the president of the United States, but I would seriously think about blocking the ability to stumble across any article about Kim Kardashian. So is there any apps for blocking Kim Kardashian? You see many news outlets online that used to be reliable sources are now just as bad as the worse tabloid newspaper.


I should have said that I use an Android phone. :dizzy_face: I’m so tired my eyes just keep crossing.


I haven’t heard of any apps that do that.


I have not heard of anything like this before. I did just look, though! It looks like google news has what you are looking for:
LifeHacker Article
Google News Help

From what it looks like that is the only app with anything like that. I hope that helps.


As for Donald Trump, I vaguely remember there was a browser plugin once that didn’t block the news about him but replaced all the pictures with images of puppies or something.


This might sound like a dick comment but i just choose what media outlets i read to avoid and biased or bullshit news and its no problem, but i don’t use fuckbook or anything like that or google so it’s easy to avoid crap content, but then it makes me small % of the population if your okay with that.


any biased or bullshit*


If you search for a blacklist extension for your web browser, you can add or remove names based on how you’re feeling on a particular day! I’m not sure if they make master apps that can take care of all the content in your phone, though.


Sorry, this is not what you asked for but there is another way to deal with this issue: develop compassion.

It is very very hard to be compassionate about someone we view as an enemy or a very bad person or at least an annoying person. Even a mention of their name can aggravate us. We react viscerally and involuntarily. The surprising effect of developing compassion towards them is that it takes that power away from them.

Think of them as people – think of how bad it must be to lead a vapid celebrity life or to be extremely paranoid and having the weight of being the leader of the US and not being able to trust anyone around you and not even remembering what you said yesterday and everyone laughing at you. Think of them as ordinary people put in extraordinary situations where their best is not good enough. And who knows how we would handle it if we were in the same situation. Hopefully this line of thinking will eventually reduce if not remove the fascination with these people as you view them as just ordinary people and then reading about them may make you sad but won’t spoil your day.

When I first heard this, this was very hard for me to internalize. I needed lots of practice. Even now I haven’t and I have to pause and consciously start thinking this way. I still read about Trump and what he is doing and it makes me sad to see its effect on others but I don’t get angry and I don’t remain upset for long. This certainly doesn’t mean I condone whatever he does but at least I don’t love my mind over it!

Does this make sense?