A short story about my job

Hello everyone. I just wanted to come on here and share a short and happy story about something that happened yesterday.

So, I work as a cashier at a shop since a month or two now. I’m loving it.

It also made me realize, as much as cashiers are supposed to be kind and sweet and all that, I’ve never had a cashier give a compliment to me if I’d be shopping. So I decided to, as a cashier myself, try to give a compliment to someone every day I work. There’s one rule: I have to mean it. So I can’t say, nice jacket, when I think it’s ugly.

So yesterday there was this black girl that came in. She comes more often. May I say that the store is located in a multiracial neighborhood. The girl was wearing box braids, and I myself love box braids. She was wearing a bun and she had a cute headwrap around her head. So I said to her: I like your hair.

She smiled from ear to ear and said thank you.
I smiled too knowing I made her happy.

For all the white people reading this: giving a compliment to a black person about their appearance as a white person means the world to them. A lot of black people get quite bad comments about their hairstyles and appearances from white people. They get it more than you think. So to make someone like that happy for a second when you compliment them will make them more confident about their race and appearance. That’s something really dang important. It means the world to them.

So, from now on, I decided to actually give compliments to random people every day I’m out. No matter the race. If I see the effects of my compliments at my work, it can really make someone’s day. That makes it worth it for me. It makes my day too in the end to know I made people happy.

I hope y’all liked the story and I hope it’s inspiring. I’ve complimented more black girls in the store. Every single one of them smiled widely. I just decided to share this specific one.