A small rant about stigma (politics-adjacent)


I don’t remember the rules on discussing politics but something adjacent to it has been bugging me. It involves Trump, with whom I have many disagreements, but more importantly it involves my concern for the ADHD community. So this comedian who used to work with Trump in television added a joke to his routine about how Trump sniffed Adderall. Now that the joke is public, some on the left have chosen to mock Trump based on this joke. This particular issue bothers me because the entire joke, regardless of who says it, relies on ADHD medication myths and addict stereotypes.

Anyway, I wanted to get that out of my head.


I think you did a good job of separating your question from Trump-bashing vs. Trump-supporting. I think Trump is not the relevant bit here, and you made that clear.

And my answer: haven’t googled the story, but from what you say, it’s not pc, not nice to us brains, and a bit low for people who claim to be interested in greater fairness (at least, I assume left-wing means that in the US too?)

Edited to add:

Just realised you weren’t asking a question :joy:

So let’s just say I agree with you for ranting!