A tough but accomplished day

Today was a tough day with a lot of tears. My usual procrastination issues were frustrating me once more. But my parents helped me and now they’re my accountabilitibuddies. Because of them I accomplished some cleaning today and I’m proud of myself today for doing that.

But more importantly, I finished writing the document out on word today! Now it’s a case of decorating and putting all the links and such in place. Better said; the fun part. I can’t wait till it’s done so I can share it with everybody here! I also emailed Jessica’s contact mail with the question if she wants to share the document on YouTube when it’s done. I know it takes her some time respond, so I hope I’m fully done by the time she responds. Now I’m just chilling out a bit since I’m exhausted from today. This way I can calm down before bed. And then I’m gonna brush my teeth again! Which has gone pretty well by now. I even brushed my teeth at night once in the weekend! So among all the frustrations I’m also making some steps! :tada::tada:


Nice one!! Well done :heart: :tada:


Nice I dont have time to read the rest of this about to have my birthday dinner of steak on our grill!!!

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