About me! Living with severe combined ADHD while being female and 20 y/o

Hiii, I’m Alec. I have severe ADHD(combined)/depression and I was diagnosed at the age of 12, after extreme and repetitive symptoms, all recognized by my dad who has adhd (He’s 56 now, but he still has some inattentive symptoms) . I’m 20 now, and thriving in life with the support and treatment I was opened up to a couple of months after my diagnosis. Before I was officially evaluated, I struggled a lot with extreme low self esteem, and knowing something was of course wrong with me, but couldn’t exactly pin-point it. My mother was semi absent, always confined to her room, and she would only come outside at night. I rarely ever saw her, despite her being a few rooms over. My father was my best advocate, and made sure I didn’t go without some form of help. If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably would be at the worst times of my life.

At a young age I had a lot of emotional outbursts, mainly extreme anger and sadness. I was the “smart but a trouble maker” type kid to all my peers. By 5th grade I was struggling to even complete simple 1 page pieces of homework, often stuff I was awesome at. As I got older, my grades suffered, and so did I/my mental health.

Currently I know how to manage my life where I’m not at extreme crisis, but I still struggle a lot.
I am a newbie to this sight, but I have been watching Jessica’s videos for over a year now. She is extremely informative and I applaud her for really educating people with or without ADHD.

I hope to have fun on this sight, so yay :slight_smile:



Hi Alec! Welcome to the tribe, and congratulations on managing as well as you have. It sounds like you’ve done an awesome job so far (with help from your dad). You’ll see there are a lot of us here whose backgrounds line up with yours in one way or another. There are a lot of bright people here, and a lot (most?) who have struggled to varying degrees. There are also a lot of caring people here!


Hello Alec, congrats with your first post here!
Extreme anger and sadness look very familiar, as well as everything about school and grades part.
Mainly the difference is that i stopped to care about them early, and my period of shaky mental health was more about figuring out adult life in general and my own place and way to handle it.

If that’s okay, could you be a little more specific about what troubles you?
That’s always the first step in any fight for progress. You need to know your enemy, so to say. My mentor always asked for precise case of what troubled me so we could figure it out together. And more precise the easier it was later.


I’m a 74 y.o. “Brain”

My son a 43 y.o. “Brain”

And his daughter / my granddaughter . . . a 12 y.o. “Brain”

Seems you’ve come to the right place :sunglasses:



I’ve had a lot of anger issues and unstable mental health, mainly it’s the way people tend to mistreat me, I still have some anger issues, but when it was really a problem Second grade-fourth grade, it was caused by a lot of my peers being too harsh on me, and throwing me into some sort of punishment the minute I was sad or angry (Rightfully and Wrong), I was often sent to detention(s) because of how severe it was, I used to be a ticking time bomb. Now I still have a little bit of anger issues, but I’ve learned to manage it quite well. I still do have a lot of anger issues concerning, often I’m frustrated because I try so hard but to others they just continue to scream at me about how im not trying. Of course I know they’re just frustrated, and I shouldn’t let it get to me, but it still sometimes gets me worried. Regardless of putting it in the past, I still have some day to day struggles.

I’m doing better though, and with some also additional help of a therapist I’ve learned new ways to manage it and release the bottled up emotions without causing pure mayhem and destruction lol. Thank you either way for commenting along with the others, this has given me a nice warm welcome! :blush:

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Hi welcome. I’m glad that your getting help now :sparkling_heart:


Welcome @Addie_C


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