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One thing I wanna express is that we are not a tech help forum. We will and can discuss specifics but if you’re looking for introduction on how programming/specific piece of technology works or asking very specific questions on basics, we will refer you to the proper areas.

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hi i just watch your video on youtube im going through similar experience as you did. I failed most of my class at my first junior college . now Im at my second one with 2.8 gpa half way ready to transfer to a 4 year as computer science. I was wondering how you manage to finish college and keep up with your programming skills

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Oh man… it’s not easy man…

3 years in the Junior College
3 years at my state school where I did get my degree from
1 year at ANOTHER state school to finish the final courses
and 1 summer course after that last year.

Add in the WoW addiction, it’s not a recipe for success.

I would say that finding areas to study in that you feel comfortable are the most important part. Libraries never felt comfortable for me. However, the Computer Science department area and those rooms felt comfortable so I stayed in that building the most.

Getting away from distractions is the most important thing and trying to get a scheduling system that I could keep is another huge part. A planner book, something that you can refer to over and over that you will use out of habit.

Talking to your professors about your limitations also can help. Tell them at the start of the year if you have a learning style that helps you specifically. I had one professor that printed out some footnotes to the lessons everyday and gave them to me at the start of each class. I got an A in that course because I had my routine and something that catered to my learning style.

Hope this helps!