About to be assessed by a psychiatrist

So as an adult female with lots ofcomorbidities like depression, anxiety, Highlysensitive person and restless legs syndrome.

I am quite worried he will dismiss me. Or that he will say the drugs I’m on are not compatible with the stimulants…

I know mySSRIs are the kid of drug that’s not recommended with stimulants I think they effect eachother?

Also I, having trouble remembering history, all my things that I thought made me adhd, as it’s been months waiting for this consult. So I, trying to remember it it all again.

Ts hard to be objective about when you’re a kid but my parents are no longer around.
And so many things all my life have been blamed by other conditions… like insomnia…. So I dunno if he’s going to see the thread… I’m not even sure I do… I’m not even sure my psychologist does now as she is blaming my emotional sensitivity on HSP when that’s actually a symptom ofADHD and emotional dysregulation….

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There are lots of issues .

If the psychiatrist is good he or she will not dismiss because he or she will have the training , knowledge, experience, qualifications and skills to detect, diagnose and treat ADHD, and all possible comorbidities .

Look at any possible ratings for the psychiatrist, the grade and the review , the more entries the better .

Call the psychiatrist beforehand.

The psychiatrist who diagnosed me with ADHD, telephoned me.

Maybe , you need to contact several psychiatrists, to find the write one .

I had to contact many psychiatrists before I got diagnosed.

Look at school reports , medical records , any contact with school friends .

To get a diagnosis of ADHD, I believe there should be symptoms from childhood, but maybe it is always necessary.

Maybe , take a friend to the assessment, it might “ calm the atmosphere “.

I had to fill in lots of questionnaires, which may show depression, anxiety etc .

Good luck.

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Thanks for replying
I don’t have anything from my childhood, but I can think of a few examples. And my mum had it, we can now see retrospectively…

I can’t call or choose my psychiatrist there is a 6-12 month waiting list at every single clinic… so I just picked a clinic with lots of drs so I had a better chance of getting an appointment.

I’m getting better at remembering my adhd symptoms I’ve been writing them down and watching videos and reading the DSM-v again… and it’s triggering memories….

But yeah it’s gonna be a single 2 hour appointment, I’m sure there will be tests… but I can’t call and speak to the dr. There’s like an army of receptionists, it’s pretty unfriendly actually… I don’t even know how I’m going to get there, maybe a taxi, as there’s no parking….

Well I got my assessment, I actually ended up forgetting almost everything and saying “sorry I can’t remember all the things I’d listed in my head that were ADHD” but my dishevelled appearance and high mark on his single test were enough for him. Apparently I’m high on the “spectrum”.

So I’m on my first dose today.

3 times a day with food.

It’s called dexamphetamine.

He thinks he may even be able to get me of SSRIs and is seeing me again in two weeks so I’m relieved it’s not a one off, and I’m relieved, I didn’t have to jump hoops like I’ve heard some people do.

Also it was a $400 assessment not a $1200 assessment from some other place. … so relieved…

And a bit high on uppers!

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