About to talk with my prescriber about Strattera


I currently live in Arizona, coming from Washington state and I am about to start Strattera. I am almost 23 years old and having been taking some breaks with college due to circumstances in my life I am ready to try another medication after Adderall did not suffice. I have a history of hyper tension and I’m going to be starting with a lower dose to see where it goes, as well as generalized anxiety disorder.

I was wondering what everyone’s experience with Strattera is? I’m mainly concerned I will be too stressed out for this medication working in a high stress job (popular fast food chain) therefore angry and I’m worried this would increase my hypertension again.

Thank you for any feedback!

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I share your concerns as you are about to start taking medication, Strattera or any medication. While we could compare notes about individual experiences with Strattera . . . they would be our individual and unique experiences, anecdotal “apples” & “oranges”! There are a myriad of factors for each individual . . . the sum of which are unique to each individual.

As you know, it takes time for medication to take effect. Then if the response is positive, there still may need to be an adjustment in dosage, timing, etc. So while this is probably not what you would like as a response . . . It is my view . . . that comes with my support . . . as you start Strattera based on your doctor’s recommendation.

Good luck!

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