Absolver Guild looking for Members

Hello Brains! I’m not a super active gamer like I used to be, but I do occasionally play with my brother.

If any of you like hand-to-hand combat games, you should try Absolver. If you do try it and you like the game and are looking for a “guild” or “school” in this case, consider joining mine! It’s great if you are just starting out and need to learn a good set of starter moves.

The current Meta in Absolver is best described as death by 1000 papercuts. It’s a fast and annoying playstyle that is boring and very unoriginal. As a result, I have tried to craft a counter to it that focuses on armoring up and delivering heavy blows.

  1. Hand-to-Hand deck: Several useful moves that chain together to provide good offense and defense.
  2. War Gloves deck: Slow but powerful moves designed to crush lightly armored enemies with only a few good hits.
  3. Sword deck: More general moveset similar to the Hand-to-Hand deck that incorporates swordplay.

How to Join:
If you are new to the game, first leave the Guidance Bridge and head to Central Harbor. Once there, there will be a building on the left (away from the water) with an open wooden doorway up a flight of stairs. This will take you to the Oratian Quarter. There you will need to find an unmasked NPC who will tell you about Schools and let you search for one to join. Use the code “21073” when it asks you for the school ID number.

I also have a small Discord channel that my brother and I use when on raids that I would be happy to add any members to for the purpose of verbal communication.

If you are interested in joining, have any questions about the game or the group, or are having trouble finding where to join, please post below.

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