Accommodations not on Ask Jan?

Does anyone know if I can ask for accommodations that aren’t listed on a resource such as Ask Jan?

I normally crochet during work meetings in addition to taking notes because it’s a simple, repetitive task that isn’t disruptive and helps me focus. Today a woman in a meeting called me out for crocheting while the CEO was talking (because I had asked a follow up question that this woman didn’t like) and when someone else stood up for me and I tried to explain why I crochet in meetings, the HR director stepped in and said that she would decide when something was inappropriate.

Can I formally ask for the ability to do non-disruptive meditative tasks like crocheting or coloring during meetings? Or do accommodations have to be in some kind of resource to be accepted?

You can formally ask for the accommodation, most employers, as long as it does not interfere with work performance or safety will not have an issue with it at all, and it may actually help then understand why you are doing it. I work in I.T. in a rural hospital we employ around 300 people total including nurses, doctors, and staff. I have boinks that I usually carry around and only occasionally get the random strange look of why are your playing with that. Once I explain it helps keep my focus they are ok with it.

This is a great resource to look at, but most HR employees understand and have no issue with small things.

I have always taken notes on my phone, and put meetings/appoints directly into my calendar app which also use to get to people (pulling your phone out on a job is taboo, ya know), but now they know why, if it doesn’t go in my phone, the appointment/meeting never gets made. I was told once to write it down, that’s great and all, but I end up losing notes.

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