Accountability during quarantine

Hey y’all! Life has been absolutely crazy lately and I’ve really struggled with staying on track… I figured accountability would help not just me but a lot of people here! My idea is to post my goals/schedule, check in regularly ( hourly, daily, whatever ), and give updates. Anyone else who’s interested can do the same and we can all keep each other accountable :grin:

Some background: it’s Wednesday morning here, I’m doing school online, and I have piano lessons but don’t know if they’re online or not.

My goals at the start of the week: work out, practice piano, and go outside ( all daily ) Now I’m thinking that’s unreasonable :sweat_smile:

New goals: find my English book by Friday (when the reading is due), still go outside daily, practice piano today and tomorrow, and set up a work station/schedule for homework by lunchtime ( roughly 4 hours from now )

I’m also considering a thread where we can take a break and chat considering the whole can’t-see-anyone thing. Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day!

EDIT: other people said they were interested so here’s that


It’s been 3 hours and I’ve gone outside, done an outline for my history paper, and finished 2 ( out of 3 ) paragraphs. My goal is to finish the paper and organize a working space right before lunch. After that, I’ll practice piano if possible ( since there’s other people working in the house )


You got this! Go you ! Where are you so far?


I’m still working on the last paragraph, if I don’t finish in half an hour, I’m moving on. I’ve also decided to organize my work station later bc everything’s being moved around :yum:


Ok! Good job so far!


Turns out my last paragraph may or may not go against the assignment requirements :grimacing: I’ve decided to ask my teacher about it later and move on to piano


Oh ok!


you got this I just finished one out of the many papers I have to do and all I can do is take it one step at a time. cause being home kind feels like I am drowning in hw


I feel ya!! Sometimes taking it one step at a time is all you can do :yum:


Update: I found my book and finished the reading/questions. Something came up so I couldn’t practice piano in-depth, but I’m going to try and practice before lessons tomorrow morning. I also walked my dog for a pretty long time, it was hot!!
Thanks for the encouragement everyone and I’ll ( hopefully ) see y’all tomorrow :grin:


I wanted to join this along time ago and I started replying, but then I just forgot and never got to it. So anyways I think this is a great idea although I don’t know how well it will work for me. So yeah I’m just going to like try out telling y’all what I need to do as my other friends wouldn’t really get it. It should help me just knowing that other people out ther it should help me just knowing that what I expect of myself is in words and possibly seen by other people. And I’ll try to support you guys if you start using this again too!

Tonight I need to do a little bit of geometry vocabulary stuff which shouldn’t take very long, I just have to start it. I also have to do a tiny bit of history which is just a sentence long. Again about the starting it thing. And lastly I have a whole science assignment to complete which will take an hour tops. (Well, I guess, you never really know how long with ADHD)

I’m going to begin with math.


I really wanted this to do something, but I think it’s too hard for me to remember to say stuff on it.


Imma join. Tomorrow I wanna work on school, craft, do grocery shopping, chores, work on music and exercise in a way :grin:


I forgot about this thread :joy: whoops!

What’s everyone’s goals right now? How has everything been?

My plan for today is:

  • translate 2 passages for Latin
  • do the reading and quiz for English
  • review my math homework

My overarching goals for the week are to:

  • print ASL flash cards
  • practice piano 5x ( I’ve already practiced once )
  • write a short essay for the honors society
  • embroider daily

I’ll update in 3 hours. Hope y’all are well :grin:

EDIT: so far I’ve practiced piano and reviewed math. I’ve also watched a video that uses ASL which is a habit I’m thinking about getting into ( if I’m not already setting too many goals lol ).
I’m probably going to eat then try and finish English. If I have time, I’ll do Latin and embroidery after dinner ( which is in another 3-ish hours ). I’ll check in 2 hours from now

EDIT: i spent 2 hours working on a project for my sibling :joy: turns out, there wasn’t an English quiz so I did the reading and prepared for class. I did manage to embroider, but no Latin. Its due in 2 days, so I’ll try and finish it tomorrow. Overall, pretty good day!

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My plans for today:

  • rehearse in singing
  • do the dishes and laundry
  • clean the toilet and bathroom
  • clean up my crafting room

And mainly relax a bit. I need it


@Bubbles17 how do you plan on relaxing? How did your plans go?

My goals for the day:

  • translation Latin homework ( 2 passages ) and practice the flash cards if I have time
  • math ( however many pages I can fit in an hour-ish )
  • practice piano
  • embroidery the leaves in my pineapple ( probably after school )

I’ll try and check in as I complete each thing ( instead of by hour )

EDIT: I set aside some time for Latin, but didn’t get to it, thanks to a nasty asthma attack. I’m trying not to be disappointed but it kinda sucks :neutral_face: oh well!

EDIT: finished Latin!! I only have half an hour for math, but I’m still going to try and get it all done

EDIT: I did some math, and “practiced” piano ( it was mainly just messing around but I’m going to count it lol ). I’ll embroider later when I’m waiting, but I’m pretty much done for the day!

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Imma just do whatever I wanna do. That’s relaxing to me. That’s exactly what I did up until now.