Hey Everyone! My name is Annette and I am 28yo working as a Law Enforcement Officer who also happens to be a female with inattentive ADD. With that said, as most brains, but not all, I have been having some difficulties with my supervisors at work. Surprisingly I get along better with the public, seeing how now a days cops aren’t well liked. I just recently got the official diagnoses a few months ago, along with depression and anxiety. I hope this forum will help me connect with other people who can help me build skills and give me tips to better manage my issues so I can save my job and relationships with friends and family. God bless you all and have an awesome day!

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Hi Annette! Welcome to the forum :grin:
Hope you find what you’re been looking for and we’re glad you’re here!!!

Thank you so very much! I’m very excited to learn from everyone and also answer any questions someone has for me that hopefully I can answer. :grin::heart:

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Welcome to the forum, newly diagnosed Brain Annette!:blush:

I’m sure the forum will be REALLY helpful. We have an entire section for tips, advice, and help, so that’s a great place to start. Or just search for specific key words to things you’re struggling with.:blush:

Happy to have you here!:grin::+1:

A lot of ADHD people end up with anxiety and/or depression at least partially because of the ADHD, and the defeats and frustration that comes with that. So yeah, this is definitely the place to be for understanding! Sucks that your boss doesn’t seem to be very understanding…:disappointed_relieved: Wanna talk about it?

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(PS. I didn’t do it, officer. Honest.)

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Welcome to the tribe. We are young and old and everything in between. And all different walks of life. The crew here are a great resource for each other and advocacy for our tribe. We all have our challenges and experiences dealing with them weather it be diagnosis and treatment or life with ADHD.

The people here are supportive and inclusive so feel that you can lean on us for understanding and support when you need it.

I have found that reading as much as i can about the condition and how it affects our lives and the wide ranging symptoms it can present has helped me with understanding myself and how i interact with family friends and coworkers because of all of this has improved many of my relationships.

Identifying understanding and acceptance of the limitations that ADHD can cause has been one of the keys to living the best life i can. With that information behind me and taking the time to test my own boundaries and limits in different situations and settings has helped me manage and control the times that the condition traditionally has a negative impact. And also leverage the positive aspects of ADHD in my daily life. For example i know that i am better off doing certain tasks when i am medicated and others when i am not.

Self awareness and looking after yourself Is important. And not beating yourself up for things that you mess up or struggle with because of ADHD. And celebrating the wins you have no matter how small because navigating through life with your new understanding will take time and energy. And every step forward is going to make things a little better.