Adderall IR and Protinix


I can’t find any solid information on these two meds together. Just to avoid/use caution.

When I first started Adderall IR, I switched my Protonix to an evening dose. (previously taken as soon as I get up) I had great results with the Adderall. It helped fight off the terrible fog that left me constantly exhausted and unable to make it though the morning without a nap.
After about two weeks, I I started getting my GERD symptoms back. It hurts sooooo bad. So, this morning, I took Protonix at 530a, then my first Adderall dose at 8a. By 1130, I could tell it was time for my next dose. Took the second dose at 12p. By 1p, I was/am still SO exhausted that I can barley hold my eyes open.
I am ASSUMING that the Protonix has done something to make this result.

Does anyone have any experience or input?

I need both meds, and I’m not sure how to take them and help both issues.


Actually what you are talking about is interesting. I also take adderall IR. So is it better to take 15mg 2 times a day vs. taking 5mg 6 times a day. They both equal 30. What about taking 1mg 30 times a day? I dunno still trying to figure out ADHD.


Honestly, I have no idea. Lol
I am taking 20mg twice a day.


It’s not like it’s a competition… lol I have 5mg more than you…lol


Call a pharmacist, they should have up to date information on drug interactions, just in case there is a possibility the two medications don’t always work well together. I’d also keep your Doctor(s) up to date. Both your normal Doctor and your mental health doctor, in case they are two people.