Adderall IR and Protonix


Unfortunately, Vyvanse just didn’t work for me. I’m pretty bummed about it.

Seen my Dr today and she has changed me to Adderall IR twice daily. I have pretty moderate GERD and I take protonix every morning as soon as I get up.

I find TONS of conflicting information about it, and it has me feeling overwhelmed. I don’t want anything to decrease the Adderall in the morning, because I struggle SO hard with mornings. I’m wondering if anyone has been in this situation, and how you handled it. Should I start taking the Protonix at night? Will that keep it from messing with Adderall?

Also, in case it’s important, I also take Viibryid after dinner, then Lunesta and Ativan at bedtime.

Thanks y’all, this forum has literally been my lifeline since being diagnosed.