Adderall or Vyvanse

Hello everyone,
Is there anyone who’s reading this tried adderall and Vyvanse and what worked best for you and why?

I’m trapped in between the two. I took Ritalin for a few months more than a decade ago, soon switched to Adderall, and then recently attempted Vyvanse. I am now back on Adderall mostly because the cost of the Vyvanse turned out to be ridiculously high.

In my experience, (1) Adderall is just coffee in pill form, a stimulant that wakes me up and gives me some (mental, though not physical) energy, but that energy can be used to accomplish anything at all, whether it’s useful (getting some work done) or totally useless (playing YET MORE internet solitaire for HOURS ON END); Adderall contributes to my hyperfocus, causing me to be even worse at never stopping a task once started; while (2) Vyvanse makes me a good citizen and a complacent, calm, cooperative little member of the capitalist machine, happy to do boss’s bidding, very matter-of-fact about what I should do with my time at what moment of the day, rather compliant and lame and, in fact, someone whom I no longer respect because that person is just such a lame drip with no ideas of his own.

I like who I am on Adderall, but I don’t always like what I end up doing. I end up doing something hyperfocused, but I don’t know what it will be, until after I’ve done it for a long time and then felt guilty.

I hate who I am on Vyvanse, but I’ll bet that if I had a boss at a typical office-style workplace he’d like him very very much, and exploit him, and not give him raises, and give him more and more thankless tasks to do. But I can’t keep a job without some portion of the feeling that Vyvanse gives me. Really. I literally cannot keep a job (and I assume that is because of my ADHD?), not on zero drugs and not on Adderall. So I want to give Vyvanse more of a chance.

I didn’t get to take Vyvanse for very long, only about a month, from mid-July to mid-August of this past summer. It gave me a mild headache, and I was taking a rather large dosage, still working out how many milligrams would be the right amount for me. So over a longer term, Vyvanse may not have turned out to be for me as “numbing” or “dumbing down” an experience as I’m describing here. I don’t know. If Vyvanse will help me to be MY OWN boss, such that I organize my time in a manner that I approve of, to perform the tasks I’ve been aching to perform for about two or three decades now (such as writing my novel; learning to paint; finishing a short story; etc.) then I’ll recant my complaints and say Vyvanse was my savior. But I haven’t got enough Vyvanse pills yet to find out if that’s going to be the case. I retain some hope …

I intend to look into changing my health insurance so that Vyvanse may be better covered this coming year (via the USA Healthcare Online Marketplace, you can check which meds are covered before signing up for coverage with a new carrier). There’s a weird coupon system in effect, where the price is supposed to be only $30 per month for any one consumer but it turned out to be $270 per month for me (it’s possible that my pharmacist just didn’t enter all the details correctly into the computer?). Adderall is not covered by my current plan, and ends up costing me about $90 a month. Even if I do find a new plan which covers Vyvanse, I can’t commit to changing entirely to Vyvanse until after I’ve tried it for a significant enough time to compare.

So I still have some research to do on the subject of how to lower my Vyvanse cost. It’s on my list. My to-do list. Of things to do. Which I never do. :frowning:

I also experience variable levels of productivity on varieties of Adderall. There have been three different generic manufacturers of Adderall in my life, so far as I know, over the past decade – Aurobindo, Sandoze, and Teva. I hear that most people who take Adderall greatly prefer the Teva, which has turned out to be the most common one that shows up at the pharmacy. (And, no, generally speaking you DON’T get to choose which one of the three they’ll have on hand to dispense to you.) I prefer Sandoze, absolutely hate the Teva, and find the Aurobindo to be average to below-average in benefit. So, if the pharmacy only has Teva, I pretty much can’t buy it, and will do WITHOUT Adderall entirely until I find some Aurobindo or Sandoze. Sandoze seems rather rare. Teva seems to be the one best at causing big-box pharmacies to stock it (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Winn Dixie, and Wal-Mart all tend to have Teva more often than any other manufacturer, in my experience). Aurobindo seems to be more prevalent at my local CVS lately, although some CVS employees still say they dispense mostly Teva while some others say that they now dispense mostly Aurobindo. I have looked up all the non-active ingredients in all three varieties and, through comparison, have tried to pinpoint exactly the culprit for my bad experiences. If I could guarantee that my Adderall would be, 100% of the time, 100% Sandoze, and never Teva nor Aurobindo, then I might (might not) stop trying to figure out how to get some Vyvanse to compare, but I might still want to compare just for curiosity and ever-improvement. In any case, it’s entirely up to me to get the right Adderall and not take the wrong one, and to drive all over town to find it. It’s really danged silly that we have to be our own diagnosticians, druggists, and even warehouse logistics DISTRIBUTORS in this thing, isn’t it?

Finally, here’s an earlier thread I started about some of this saga:

I have to say that my experience with Adderall and Vyvanse are a little different. I was first put on ritalin as a kid and then switched to adderall in Jr High. Then in my first round of college I vowed to never take psychiatric meds again due to some terrible experiences with zoloft and being misdiagnosed with depression instead of anxiety and adderall just got caught in the crossfire there so I went for years without any meds.

Then I went back to college after resuming treatment and had my anxiety diagnosed and medicated. Then I remembered that I had been diagnosed with ADHD and asked about that. Soon I was back on adderall and so many of my problems focusing vanished. It worked great for a time but then something changed and it became super effective to the point of making my heart rate sky rocket and even lowering the dose had me in a state of a panic attack.

So we switched to Vyvanse. So far Vyvanse has been working great. It feels like a cleaner burning energy that I have now. I don’t feel like I’m racing anymore. I did just have my dosage increased and it’s done really well but now I’m more easily overwhelmed by outside noises like a TV playing. But I should be able to manage that by changing my environment when I can. Personally I prefer Vyvanse for obvious reasons but meds always hit people differently. You’ll never really know until you give one a shot and see how it works for you.

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To add to your experience, similarly, I’d say my experience on Adderall while in school was pretty good. The drug causes me to become a very good student – it gives me all the skills and attitudes necessary for concentrating ON SCHOOL WORK and sort of “boosts” me into study-mode whenever I want. But I don’t find that LIFE SKILLS get very much better on Adderall. Instead, I wait for someone to give me an assignment or tell me when the final exam will be …

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I’ve tried Ritalin when i was young, then Adderall and now vyvanse. It took a while for me and the doc to figure out dose but it’s working really well so far. I suck at remembering to take meds so a once a day pill was the way to go for me. Lol

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Cool, I took adderall for many years and now I’ve been on vyvanse going on month 2 and I’m much happier to be on the vyvanase now. Adderall wasn’t working Anymore for me like it did the first few years I was on it. Being on vyvanse for me it doesn’t really feel like I’m on anything but I know it’s working because I’m doing okay.

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I current take Vyvanse and I am able to get work done. I have taken adderall before with a prescription but it can be pricey and on adderall your body is not as forgiving in terms of when you take it so if you take it late then you will stay up late where with Vyvanse if you take it late your body is more forgiving in terms of how long it last. But take my opinion with a grain of salt since when my doctor prescribed me adderall it was during the summer and not during when I had school so I couldn’t really tell the difference in terms of effectiveness other than how long it lasted. One last thing both of these drugs react differently in everyone who takes them so it varies from person to person.

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