Adderall Side effect, Tongue chewing?

Hey, has anyone else on Adderall started chewing on their tongue absentmindedly. to the point where it’s painful and raw? Obviously i’m going to talk to my doc about it, it doesn’t seem to be a threatening issue, just kind of annoying. Anyone have experience with this? Any tips to stop it. I miss tasting food! :confused:

Adderall has been working tremendously other than that, i was only distracted by 3 other posts before getting around to posting this. Without adderall, probably never would have gotten around to posting it! lol


My doctor said that is actually a really common side effect! I think it might be dose related, but I haven’t really found a good way to stop it. To me, it seems like an oral fidget that I do unconsciously, so I’d have to be consciously aware of it to force myself to stop it. I also click my teeth (kinda like grinding them almost, but with not so much force; they click to the tune of whatever song is looping in my head at the moment) and my throat gets sore sometimes from something that I can only explain as “sucking on my mouth.” It’s kinda like sucking through a straw, or like when you’re about to swallow, but I do it repetitively as like a fidget without realizing it. It’s really weird.

I have found that giving my mouth a different distraction can sometimes be helpful to replace the unwanted movement, but it isn’t always practical. Some examples might be gum or an actual snack, or a chewy fidget like you might get for someone with autism. I’m sorry I don’t have any really good advice for you, just some commiseration. But definitely talk to your doctor because it is a known side effect.

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