Adderall to Vyvanse to... Mydayis?


General Question: Has anyone gone from Vyvanse to Mydayis, specifically to have the dosage last longer? Is it REALLY the same thing?? I know meds are different for everyone, but I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried Mydayis.

The long story… :slight_smile: I’m going to try to sum this up quickly because I’m at work and really should be working… but this is important!

History with meds: I was diagnosed about a year ago. Started on 20 mg adderall IR 2x daily, then 30 mg adderall 2x daily, then 20 mg adderall XR with 20 mg IR as a booster, then 30 mg XR with 20 mg IR as a booster, and now FINALLY Vyvanse 50 mg.

Adderall was great at first but I experienced a ton of adverse effects (irritability, insomnia, appetite loss, anxiety, inconsistency). Despite this I stayed on it because for the first time in my life I felt like I could do things, take ownership, and be present. We played with the doses and had successes but it never lasted, or it was too strong… a constant up and down.

Just last week I started Vyvanse. Honestly, I’m scared to trust it because of my past with adderall, but so far its fantastic. Its like… I’m me, just with my brain fully on. I can still have fun and enjoy my day and also get things done. Adderall felt like it was controlling me, but now I feel in control. Its kind of incredible. That being said… I have long days, and its wearing off around 4 or 5 most days. Which leaves me totally symptomatic for the rest of the day, and really struggling and in a fog by the end of the day.

My doc says Mydayis is basically Vyvanse but designed for working professionals with longer days. Its made by the same company. I’m wondering, has anyone tried this and had success? any horror stories? I did a search and didn’t see much discussion on this one. I know it is fairly new so I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried it.

Okay back to work for me… thanks everyone!!


Too bad there aren’t answers to this inquiry. I’m interested in tweaking my Adderall prescription, too, but not sure how to work on the research toward a change.


I hear you. Its different for everyone, so its certainly overwhelming to try and sort through reviews and other’s experiences. With Mydayis in particular I’m finding the opposite problem… that there really aren’t a lot of reviews on it. I’m still on Vyvanse now (40 mg actually) but am going to see my doctor tomorrow. Not totally sure what to ask him yet…

Good luck with your journey!