ADHD , accomodations in university

What accomodations were given you to you , if you attended university with a diagnosis of ADHD ?

extra time in exams
someone to take down the notes
special tutor etc


I got my diagnosis at the end of my time at university, however, I was still able to “enjoy” some of the accomodations. In my case it was:

  • optional extra courses on studying with ADHD,Dyslexia,ASS,etc
  • extra time at exams (half an hour extra for a typical 3 hours exam)
  • extra funding in case of delay

The first one was probably easy to obtain. However, due to covid there were none available between my diagnosis and me finishing my thesis. The extra time was reasonable easy to get. However, the extra funding was a real pain to obtain. It took me almost 6 months, 5 letters, too many emails and a few calls to finally get everyone in the process to cooperate. My therapist and my uni’s therapist really helped me through the process, but there were many days were I just wanted to trow in the towel because of the bureaucratic nightmare


Accomodations in college can vary widely. I understand that a lot can depend on the college and likely on the individual professors. I was undiagnosed in school, but some of my instructors gave reasonable accommodations to other issues that I experienced (illness, work schedule, my wife going into labor).

Here’s a webpage that I found with a big list of possible accommodations:


Accomadations vary from place to place along with the quality of the accommodations which is typically depends on funding. However to obtain the accomadations that you want involves a lot of self advocacy on what works and doesn’t but I will say this as a pro tip when asking for an accomadations in uni make it a general statement even if it only applies to one class

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