ADHD affecting social skills and communication skills

Does ADHD affect social skills and communication skills, by showing a lack of empathy or in other ways ?


ADHD definitely impacts social skills! Poor impulse control, especially when coupled with anger, can be a problem. Poor impulse control coupled with poor judgement can lead to blurting out things that are inappropriate, annoying, or just “stupid”. Same goes for not listening to others without interrupting . . . (and saying something “stupid”!).

And while ADHD does not rule out being empathetic, that may be less obvious if “stupid” behavior steals the spotlight! I think ADHD people are often very sensitive and perceptive to others.

These are just some of my thoughts at the moment!

We are GOOD PEOPLE . . . :sunglasses:


I agree, I don’t think brains are less emphatic, but I do think that sometimes we can get distracted from a conversation (even a serious one), or bored from a long story (yes even if we don’t want to, and yes even if it is very inappropriate).
Another issue I noticed for myself is that while it is very easy to get to know many new people, I am very bad at making good friends. This I think is connected to us not being able to prioritise well (if you have all the friends in the world, you won’t have enough time for any of them), to follow up when we should (e.g. important life events, birthdays, or even “I call you tomorrow” situations) or to remember to contact the other one regularly.

So I think to be friends with a brain one needs to be more forgiving and more proactive in reaching out, but then they will get a lot in return :slight_smile:


Oh wow i was told ADHD minds have more empathy. I never thought of this…


They usually do. At least I do. It there’s something every single person always compliments me on that is close to me, it is how empathetic and sympathetic I am. I’m really good at helping people with their problems too. But I have the typical adhd impulse control problems that leads to embarrassing moments and also inappropriate moments. And the prioritizing thing is indeed another point I’m not god at


People have told me I’m a good listener but I think that’s just because I’m usually too distracted to interrupt them.

No, maybe that’s unfair. What I’m actually good at is conceptualizing, finding a general pattern in what people tell me, and sometimes that’s exactly what they need to hear and then they’re impressed and all for the right reason.

Then, I’ll remember that essence of what we talked about but none of the details. I probably never took them in in the first place because I was already listening for the pattern (and also glossing over some bits).


This sounds so familiar❗️ When I was working, as a social work administrator, I participated in many meetings. Often, after listening to things said, I would capture the very the essence of it all . . . and in a few words restate the matter under discussion. This was very easy for me to do and took mere seconds. Especially when things were being recorded in minutes I would often be asked to repeat what I had just said a moment ago. And I would be unable to do so. Without hesitation I could however come up with different words (not quite as good) like a “variation on the theme” . . .