ADHD and addiction

I am 20 and have a lot going on my life at the moment. However I am having a hard time quiting smoking. My father is an alcoholic who used to find reasons to beat me up and my mother is sort of borderline. I badly want to quit, especially because I know what from my dad how addictions affect other people. But I am having a hard time quiting even with calenders and health indicators. Any one here who quit smoking or any unhealthy addiction?

Anti-depressants helped me quit a bad habit/borderline addiction. I was self-medicating because I didn’t know how else to cope with certain feelings. When the chemical imbalance got better I didn’t have the same need and it was easier to stop somehow.

Smoking is a bastard. I quit when I was in my late teens. It’s just not the addiction to the chemicals it’s filling all the spare time you have because you don’t take 5 for a smoke. It’s not having that excuse for that 5 mins to sit and let your brain process whilst still being busy. It’s breaking the habit of the action of putting your hand up to take a puff of the smoke. It’s losing the social interaction of standing with others having a chat whilst smoking.

And for us ADHD kids it’s the additional stimulant effect that our brains like.

My advice is build mechanisms to deal with the above and then just stop cold turkey. It will be a rough few days. And then for the next few weeks avoid any situation where you could be tempted to smoke. Don’t eat lunch with other smokers leave 10 mins early or late from places where your friends might stop for a smoke before they move on. Keep a packet of mints or lollies with you all the time a sugar hit might distract you enough to not relapse.

I recon I probably ate 10 pencils chewing on them when I quit.

And if that fails go see your doc about other options


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I’ve never been a smoker, but I know some people who have quit and it looks really hard. From conversations it seems like replacing the benefits from smoking is important. I know someone who found it really helpful to use a vape to decrease the nicotine content over time. A med I take as an antidepressant (bupropion) is also prescribed under another brand name to help quit smoking.

I quit after 5 years, i can tell you that the first 2 weeks was the most i tense weeks i have faced. When i say i had a hard time i mean it. It is going to try and break you. Mentally and physically. But you have to push through it all. Running (alot) helped. Whenever i felt that overwhelming sensation of taking a drag i just ran and ran and ran until i threw up. Only happened the first week. It depends how much it hurts to smoke for me it took a trip to the hospital after not being able to breath. You got this its going to take hard work but its very possible.