Adhd and awaiting asd diagnosis


Hi all. I have now been diagnosed with adhd from April 18 and I’m taking elvanse 70mg but I don’t think they are helping really! I’m still making the mistakes I made and drinking too much etc. I had thought it would have been my get out way but not much as changed. When I say drinking too much having some wine at night time. I have 2 children and now the youngest has started school im lonely but I can’t motivate myself to go do anything? My son has both adhd and asd so things are pretty hard at home.

Any one have any positive stories with meds and diginoses? Also does anyone else have both adhd and asd? I wonder as I do have both is that maybe why my meds are working that well?

Many thanks and I hope everyone is doing good!


Hi Jennifer. I can’t say that I have ASD, and I can’t say that I have 100% confidence in my meds either.

I still need to work it out, possibly try something else.

But I thought I’d drop by and say “Hi” anyway…

Drinking too much may not be helpful. How much and how often do you drink, if you don’t mind me asking?

I used to drink staggering amounts. I used it as a social lubricant. These days I have neither a social life, nor a drinking problem. Luckily, I was never an alcoholic, despite the amount I used to drink.

Yep. I’m there, waving at you.