ADHD and change

Does change causes problems for people with ADHD, they cannot their emotions, in the same way people with dyspraxia have trouble coping with change due to a learning disability (learning difficulty in the UK) and people with ASD - aspergers traits relate to the world differently ?

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I find change difficult . . . anxiety producing. I have a number of theories:

Difficulty envisioning how things will all work out

Not trusting that they will

Obsessing about all sorts of things that could go wrong

Having many unanswerable questions

Annoyed that my wife can’t answer them

Annoyed when she is so “unworried” . . . leaving all of the worrying to me

Not thinking of TIME as being relative, on a continuum, more than one dimension; But rather thinking in terms of only 2 types of time . . . So when there is a task to be done, for me I immediately think that it must be NOW . . . Or if a project needs hours or days to complete (planning and scheduling) . . . well that is NOT NOW! (Finished most of my college and grad school papers as all-nighters)

This should give you some idea of how it is for me . . .


Agreed. Change and transition and unpredictability can be huge triggers both for anxiety and emotional dysregulation. I find that my s/o struggles to adjust to my need for structure or plans, and it can be a challenge at times when things are left up in the air. I coped for so many years before the diagnosis and medication by establishing routines and specific plans, and I still struggle when unexpected things happen.

It’s a bit odd too because I thrive in crisis but I struggle with lack of structure or frequent change.


That sounds very familiar. I’ve heard (though it is not me) that some of “us” create chaos in order to stimulate a sluggish brain to get some project in gear . . . or to deal with boredom :sunglasses:.


I personally think Change and ADHD is a very interesting combination. On the one hand, as mentioned by @Brooklyn and @quietlylost, Change is quite difficult.

However, on the other hand I feel that ADHD people, while maybe being hit harder in the first instance, are able to adapt much faster to change than others. You probably heard of the Change Curve model? I have the feeling that ADHD brains go through the curve much faster but because of the lack of emotional regulation the curve can also have more extreme highs and depths.

And then it also depends on whether we are initiating the change or it is happening to us. I for example really love to start change (e.g. to start doing things differently than others, or just try new ways of looking at things, etc) but just like everyone I don’t like change being done to me too much.


I absolutely agree . . . Who’s flying the :airplane: makes a huge difference!


I feel too that I thrive in crisis and that I always try to equalize to my environment.

Maybe there’s something in us that probably either is genetically surviving from the past or can be seen as a mutation. So as “hunters with approximate knowledge of everything” we are equipped with a special skill set which in this perspective is rather an advantage. Nobody can learn that guys. AI and algorithms will probably never be able to cope with our unpredictability, LOL.

I feel that ever since I learned about the hermetic principles and stoicism it’s easier for me to stay pragmatic. Change is inevitable. In fact it’s the only thing that’s certain.

Keep moving.

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Welcome . . . :sunglasses:

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omg its really nice feeling that you’re not a freak! i can relate to this, i cant deal with change as well.

i find it amazing how easily i’m capable of changing ideas while doing my work or jumping from something to another. but when it comes to life, the location and placement of my stuff and the sequence of my chores or tasks, i cant even handle the idea of change like if it should be arranged my way or i’d feel that i cant breathe and get frustrated and angry.


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