ADHD and chronic pain?

does anybody have any good resources on dealing with ADHD and chronic pain? I have been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome following a car accident late last year. the last 4 months have been pretty tough and it’s been hard for me to function on a daily basis and get work done. but I have also been taking amitriptyline since 2010 for some minor chronic leg pain that I’ve had since i was 10. I know my ADHD brain somehow changes the way I experience pain and the way that my body focuses on it.

…or alternatively also the way that I am able to ignore it… making it worse for me later.
I find it hard to find information on this particular topic,

thanks in advance!

What information or resources do you already have for chronic pain? There’s a book that people have recommended before for chronic pain. It’s not specifically related to ADHD, though.

Funny enough,Although I’ve been dealing with this for a while and seeing my doctors regularly about it, I haven’t had any books recommended to me nor any specific websites. I do have a referral pending to a local pain clinic, but I don’t expect to hear back from them for a few months.

Because my pain has become so chronic, without any visible structural issues in my spine or nervous system, and also because I have a history of childhood trauma stuff, my doctor did recommend I start Cymbalta. And I am planning to do so. as soon as my work schedule will allow for me to accommodate the trials and tribulations of adding a new medication.

But I thought maybe there could also be a link between how an ADHD brain functions + fixates and how the body processes pain signals?

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Here’s the book that’s been recommended in the past: Mindfulness Based Therapy for Chronic Pain

I’d say that pain in general can eat up your focus. You tend to hyperfocus on the sensations when they are persistent and overwhelming. It can also be incredibly distracting when you’re trying to do other things. Hopefully the Cymbalta helps a bit. It tends to be a pretty good medication for some people, so hopefully for you too!

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Thanks much for this :slight_smile: . And sorry for the late reply, I have been trying to catch up with work and have been offline for a while.

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