ADHD and dreamers

Can people with ADHD be dreamers due to in attention ?

When I was a child., I used to want to navigate the world and do my business.

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Well, I certainly count myself as a dreamer, and I always have. I’m an idealist at heart, I like novelty, innovation, and I’m motivated by other dreamers.

In my youth, I daydreamed a lot. I still very inspirations all the time (my phone Notes app is full of them), ideas for stories to write, apps that I think should exist, a couple of businesses I’d like to start. (It’s not the coming up with ideas that I struggle with, it’s acting on them.)

I don’t know how common a trait this is for those of us with ADHD, but I do know that that neurodiverse brains like ours are often able to think “outside-the box”.

Also, many notable entrepreneurs, innovators, and entertainers are (or were believed to be) ADHDers.


i know i daydream a lot. if i don’t have something to do then i stare at the wall and just think.


Sometimes I have interesting ideas when I daydream, so I’ll make sure to write those down in a note on my phone, or I’ll sketch in a notebook that I keep in my pocket.

ADHD Brains can be very creative, innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers.

(BTW- we had some fun talking about them a while back…)


WAIT!! What box??? Even if you give me a compass that always points to it, i wont find it in 100 years.:rofl::rofl::joy:


We’re natural day dreamers :slight_smile: we tend to be creative as well and think outside the box- according to Jessica, ADHD Brains are 300% more likely to start their own business…so it sounds like your brain was grasping that pretty early on!