ADHD and eating habits

Hi Everyone!
This may sound completely odd… but does anyone else use food to stimulate themselves mentally. I find that when I am bored I eat. If im not careful, and Im eating while doing something else,… I will use the eating as a stim and before I know it I’ve eaten the whole bag of chips, or have a bag of cookies. I also find myself eating to rhythms in my head while doing these other tasks. The rhythms then coincides with my fidgets. Does anyone else have these problems?

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100% yes. Definitely. Always. Not so much with the rhythms but I do tend to overeat if I’m not stimulated enough in other ways. Except a while ago when I lost a bunch of weight which I did really well because it was a fun challenge! And then I reached my goal, and then I got bored again…

Thankyou for putting this here

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Thanks for reaching out! I’ve had similiar situations when hyper focused on losing weight, and it was fun to track my progress, I did amazing. Three times in my life I’ve lost a substantial amount, over sixty lbs, and three times I lost that drive and gained it right back. Usually something else came along in life that became my new focus, like a new boyfriend or a new job.

Exactly! That’s awesome :smiley: Every now and then something comes along to take its place but I do always find myself coming back to bored-eating as my MO, and almost my identity… I don’t know about you but for me sometimes it’s not always fun being ‘that person’

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My newest attempt at getting my eating habits under control started a few weeks ago. I find that when I don’t eat carbs and sugar I am much less tempted to snack. That being said, yesterday was a bit stressful for me. I was booked to have my tonsils removed (which scares the poop out of me) and my weight have fluctuated in a bad way. I found my brain spinning for a snack. The addiction part of it definitely kicked in. It took me a good ten minutes to talk myself out of the grocery store. Its awful how connected my emotions and mental health are connected to what I put in my mouth.

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Oh that’s difficult… It sounds like you’re trying really hard though and you should be proud of that! At the end of the day, sometimes you don’t quite manage to prevent it and you tried your best so then you just have to cut your losses and it then becomes ‘how do I deal with the aftermath?’

I definitely feel you

That’s literally me


I learned that binge eating and eating highly processed rewarding foods can be pretty common with ADHD. The desire for a rush, gratification, or feeling good to help stimulate the dopamine and other parts of the brain. Like you said, it can be risky because you can easily do it without noticing. It takes a lot to be mindful about eating even if you aren’t dealing with ADHD. Just know that it can be an associated symptom and something that you may need to plan for. It’s never an easy thing and I’d only suggest finding things that work for you. It’s probably also worthwhile to determine what your larger goals are with regards to health and figuring out what role your ADHD has in that picture too.

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I’ve just noticed I’m starting to overeat again and very slightly put on that weight that I lost :frowning:

Every self-help article I read talks about positive self talk, and loving your body… But I don’t think that’s a problem for me. I exercise quite a bit and am proud of my efforts… I just can’t control myself around food. Anyone else feel me?

I completely feel you. Being exhausted or stressed seams to send my brain into overdrive sending all these craving signals to my body. The only thing that seems to help me is to drink some water and find something else to do. Some sort of self care activity that’s going to give me a little dopamine boost.

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Sounds about right to me. Thanks :slight_smile:

I think it depends. I have substituted all my trans-fat foods with fruits/vegetables/nuts/berries and lean meats. I have done research and found a lot of ADHD brains lack vitamins such as Magnesium, Vitamin B (particularly B6), Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron.
Eating foods rich in these can help improve focus and energy levels.
Though it is not easy process. Need to be strict. Plus it depends on your own bodies chemical makeup as well. Each body is different so I do recomend talking to your doctor or a skilled dietitian who deals with ADHD

Like when I grab the chocolate chip bag and don’t set it down until I make my mom take it away from me at which point I have a stomach ache. And then she starts eating them too. Huh ya know maybe she has adhd too…
(Assuming I do which don’t know yet.)