ADHD and eating

Today I ate: some lime potato chips, candy, and a slice of pizza. And because I’m an idiot who has no idea how to live, I thought to myself “maybe my stomach hurts because of the pizza, there’s no way it could possibly have anything to do with the fact that I haven’t had an actual meal in over 24 hours” ( hint: it did…)
Eating is hard, it kinda sucks, and it’s super boring, but I have to do it so any advice?

EDIT: this was supposed to be a post on “fooding” and why my terrible executive function makes it so hard but I got distracted :sweat_smile:
EDIT 2: I finally made myself some food and randomly remembered that me, @HarleyKyn and I think someone else, really love peanut butter and I was wondering if it’s an ADHD thing ( because it’s an easy way to get protein with very little work )


Watch things you dont let yourself (or try to not let yourself) watch otherwise. I’m only well versed in how to help a ED person eat more so I’m not sure if a meal guide would be helpful (a meal guide/plan is a plan about food in which you figure out what to eat and when to eat it)
Ita fine lol
I dont know I dont like peanut butter but I do use another peanut butter like substance so maybe it is idk

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A meal guide does actually sound really helpful because part of why it’s hard for me is that there aren’t always “safe foods” around ( why is this a thing??? Why does my Brain make this a thing???)
Do you eat almond butter? I used to put it on my sandwiches

I didnt know almond better existed, no eat cookie butter not really helpful but probably has some carbs so that’s good

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I struggle with this too.

I set an alarm for my lunchtime pill that actually says ‘lunch and thing 2’ (ie pill 2, but I didn’t want other people to randomly see that on on my screen, plus I like The Cat in the Hat😁).

I also learned to make sure there is easy food available. I had a peanut butter phase for this reason too.

Separating the deciding from the doing, like with pretty much everything to do with my adhd, helps me a lot.

There’s a great How To video on cooking for yourself, take a look!..And if someone more technically gifted than me could link it to this thread, that would be great :grin:. I fact,I think there are two videos on this.


Ha i was just thinking about issues i have with food. I hadn’t eaten anything until 12.30 today, suddenly felt incredibly hungry, saw some chocolate cereal and had a huge bowl. Mm sugary crunchy, thought i should probably stop but instead had a second huge bowl. Now im uncomfortably stuffed. I don’t think it’s a comfort thing i just find it hard not to eat all of the tasty things. Normally I try not to buy this sort of thing at the supermarket as then I just have to fight the impulse once.

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Yeah, I’m not living on my own yet but I’m worried when I do, I’ll buy splurge on snacks and waste my money or goninto hyperfocus and pass out…
I’m definitely going to try that timer thing!!!
Also before today I thought chocolate covered cereal is never a bad decision but I’ve been proved wrong :sweat_smile:

Need to hang up my washing… So just finished the box of cereal instead :frowning: at least I don’t have to worry about eating anymore now they’re gone.

Lol I know that feeling. What cereal was it?

About a month ago I managed to get a “housing support” (I think that is the english word for it…) ; someone who comes over to help me with things I need help with in my home once a week. We decided that for me it had to be planning meals, so once a week I meet with this guy and we plan next weeks meals and when to make them and make sure I have meals in my freezer ready to just heat up. We’re still in a "try out-"phase, but so far it’s working: Meaning I am never without food (which has been very common for me since I never planned meals or made sure I knew what ingredients I had at home).
I got this help after applying for it from the social services, so maybe your country have something similar? At first I didn’t want “anyone else to decide things in my life”, but after meeting this person I realized we are working good together and everything comes down to my own choices. I mean, this person can help me plan things out, but if I tell them NOT to come with me to buy the groceries and such, they won’t do it. However if I tell them I need more practical help like going to the store, they can do that and help out with that too. It’s all about what you feel you actually need help to do. I still have trouble eating the actual meals I prepare on reasonable times during the days, so I guess that is our next mission xD… but honestly, I eat very little during hot summers, so that is also a factor right now…

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That sounds great, Tenshi😀

Have you tried annoying yourself with meal time alarms that you only turn off completely once you’ve eaten? I sometimes hit snooze quite a few times but it’s nothing like the 3+ hour delay I used to manage so easily…

Generic coco pops. Just an impulse buy and not something I’d normally have in the house. I’ll make up for it tomorrow and eat some vegetables.

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Lustforlife - I have! I have alarms on pretty much everything…BUT, I’m not used having it for mealtime, so I haven’t been good at actually doing it… *sigh *

Ohhhhhh what I used to do was melt chocolate and peanut butter over plain cereal and just stuff my face :yum: vegetables are good though, did you know cucumbers are technically a fruit???

Oh gosh I just started a thread on this in support but I should have looked around more! I’m so glad this isn’t just me. Today it is 8 PM and I have eaten a granola bar and a little bit of leftover beef and broccoli from last night. And now I could make a sandwich buuut that’s boring and I don’t like any of the sandwich stuff my fiance bought…

Things that help me do better at eating, though, is having options that take a minimum amount of time. Frozen meals are more expensive than cooking your own food, but they take the least effort, so I try to keep them in stock. At work I’m really good at putting “lunch” on my calendar and then I get a reminder and that helps a lot, so you could try that at home. That’s not much advice, but that’s where I’m at. :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: Anyway, I better go make that sandwich…

Frozen meals are literally a lifesaver for me! We ran out of toaster pizzas a day ago when I was really hungry and I nearly passed out ( the only things I had were coffee and a 2 tiny cinnamon roles for roughy 12 hours till I realized we had Eggo waffles…)
What sandwich did you make?

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What’s wrong with sandwiches?:grin:

As long as you put the right ingredients in, they’re pretty balanced…

Carbs, check.
Protein, check.
Vitamins, check.


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Yeah I agree. It can be a bit difficult if you don’t really understand nutrition but once you get the hang of it, it’s great. Pro tip, if you need more protein put almond butter on a roast beef sandwich. It doesn’t really change the texture and you can hardly taste it :wink:

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Impulse buying and impulse eating are the bane of my life :joy:

And I think we have all gone through at least one peanut butter phase!


Well, it took about 2 1/2 hours but I ended up successful making a turkey sandwich that I toasted in the oven! :smile: