ADHD and music

I am still in the “Need to be diagnosed via referral, but likely” phase.

But I was wondering with you guys? With your emotional dysregulation…

Music… songs easily make me cry, make me beaming with joy, make pumped up to do something (and then usually stop 5 minutes after the song starts… oops haha).

Before i’d even heard of ADHD people called me quite sensitive when it came to music, and how I always took my mood out of proportion from it.

Do any of you get the same feeling with music?


I’m almost purely Inattentive ADHD presentation, so no (or little) emotional dysregulation. By this, I mean that I don’t experience the type of heightened emotional state which is more common for people with the Hyperactive-Impulsive or Combined ADHD presentations.

However, I am emotionally sensitive
I count myself as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), which I believe is a separate form of neurodiversity from ADHD. I feel emotions deeply, but they do not trigger me into outbursts of any sort (well, not usually).


I would describe myself by saying that commercials dmake me cry. I can not look at people or animals being harmed even when I know it is not real. Music can give me energetic or help me relax and go to sleep.

Noise that is very loud make my eyes tear. My parents told me that fireworks made me cry as a child. I still have to use ear plugs to watch them. I am a repeat cryer. If I think of something that made me cry I will start to cry again. I am very empathetic.

I do not often get angry. I do get frustrated usually about things that are horrible but I can not help. I have a very strong visual memory. I can see the Washington DC police officer who was being crushed in the door. My eyes have teared up thinking about him.

I think I am ADHD - c. I have never read anything that links the kind of ADHD with emotional issues. I was so sensitive as a child that I would move worms out of the way so they would not get hurt as I gardened with my mother. I am as quickly joyful as I am saddened. I have been very happy when I am able to photograph a bird or butterfly. I had happy tears during my students’ graduations.

My over emotional nature I think has made me a better person than I would have been without it. I am off to get another tissue. :butterfly: