ADHD and Neurodermatitis

Hello Brains,
I’ve read somewhere, that there is a connection between ADHD and Neurodermatitis. I don’t know if that is true (I am not diagnosed yet with ADHD but I have Neurodermatitis). How is that with you? Any knowlegde or experiences?

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Neurodermatitis? I’ve never heard of that, would you mind sharing a bit more info on the subject? It sounds really interesting!

I can try. It is a skin illness, mostly appears in children (or at least is diagnosed mostly at children) but you have it your life long and I guess it is genetic (I guess in that way it is simillar to ADHD and autism). It is also called atopic excema. I don’t know that much about it (didn’t know that I have it until a few weeks ago). If you have it, you have really dry skin and your skin is itching. Most people have to cream their skin so it is tolerable. For example: I have to cream my skin twice a day, otherwise the skin in my face just drys up and starts bleeding. A few weeks ago I found out that I was diagnosed with that when I was a young child (didn’t know that or couldn’t remember) but because of the stress I have at the moment it was triggered again and so I have to deal with it now. And somewhere in the vastness of the Internet I read, that it is not that unlikely that neurodermatitis and ADHD come together.

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Ahhhh ok, thanks for explaining! I’m afraid I cant be much help as I only know about why things co-occur in general :sweat_smile: hope you find an answer!!!