ADHD and pesticides

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d share an interesting news report I just saw on TV (in Danish, so not sharing a link, as no one would understand.:sweat_smile:) about a longditudinal study of 948 pregnant women and thsir children until the children are age 18. They found a strong, direct relationship between ‘not really that high’ levels of a particular pesticide and ADHD. And the higher the concentration, not only did the ADHD rate go up, the symptoms were worse! Of course it requires further analysis and research, but it might be one direct cause of ADHD, and the pesticide is used to spray vegetables and fruit, which we’re all recommended to eat, so just thought I’d let everyone know.:blush: The study is of the Odense child cohort.:+1:


Wow. Thanks for the post.
Recently I saw a chiropractor for my back. When the xrays came back he found I have an extra vertebrae in my lower back and asked if my mother was exposed to pesticides when she was pregnant with me. He explained the result of the extra vertebrae is being exposed to pesticides while in utero.Since being diagnosed with adhd I have come across this topic several times when researching adhd. Nothing that confirms it. Just is mentioned in the articles.

Can you share the link? Google translate does a reasonable enough job! Thanks.