ADHD and Relapsing into Skin Picking, Nothing Seems to Work

I’m so frustrated. After making so much progress of not picking my skin so much. I go back to doing it. Then I pick up the strategy that was most successful again (giving my friend cash every time I pick) but today I was so stressed I picked my face like crazy for who knows how long in front of the mirror. And that failure makes me so frustrated and angry!

The therapy I’m getting doesn’t feel like it’s working because I’m trying to stop doing a very specific stimuli that can’t exactly be replicated for a healthier substitute which is instantly rewarding (the satisfaction of squeezing/scratching “something out” of pimples, blackheads or any unevenness on my skin) that I can do literally whenever I want (even without a mirror) because I will always have skin wherever I go!

Those 3 factors (Specific, Instantly Rewarding, Always Accessible) is exactly why it’s so hard to get rid of this bad habit of mine as someone with ADHD! Poor impulse control is already hard enough as it is! But this is the first time I have to stop doing something ENTIRELY!

All the other times I manage to successfully control my impulse is for things I still get to do in my life! Like yeah! I can pretty easily NOT play video games or buy snacks/junkfood whenever I want despite wanting to really really really badly! But I don’t quit playing video games or eating snacks/junkfood for the rest of my life!

So what is a brain like me supposed to do?



Welcome to the forum as a newbie. While I feel your angst, I’m not sure I can provide any concrete suggestions. However, there are many others here who might have some helpful ideas. I know I have found information, caring, and support by others. You will too!

Best of Luck!

Keep in touch!!


Sorry for the kinda late replying? Never really been on any forums before and didn’t occur to me that you CAN reply to a reply in the replies to a forum posts? That’s very confusing…

But yeah I’ll try and keep in touch. I realized that my most successful method was punishment rather than positive reinforcement? Which makes sense why it wouldn’t work! Even a HowToADHD video about habits brought that up! In order to make any habit stick (including letting go of bad habits) you need a sense of reward!

Turns out: My friend hasn’t spent a single penny that I payed her when I picked in order for me to have a “teaching moment”. It definitely felt strange to see just how much money I’ve spent on this ineffective strategy not just in monetary value but also in just how much physical space the money took up. Right now we plan to do the opposite. I EARN my money back for every day I don’t pick. I’m starting tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it!


Happy to hear from you . . . There is no time-frame or schedule requirement!

Earning :heavy_dollar_sign: sounds better than giving it way . . .

Keep up the effort . . .

The little things count . . .

One day at a time . . .

See ya again (or not . . . No obligation . . . Whatever works for you is most important)!