ADHD and unemployment/employment/underemployment

I think ADHD causes unemployment, under employment, problems with employment, because people can be bored, find jobs understimulating, trouble get hired, get fired easily, under skilled, under educated.

What people who do not know they have ADHD, undiagnosed and untreated ?

It is compounded by other conditions such as dyspraxia.

I have dyspraxia, ADHD, aspergers traits (borderline asperger syndrome).

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yes yes and yes

I’m trying to read “overcoming underearning” by barbara stanny on this and related ideas (not exactly applicable to me; more a women-in-business help book, to get them to assert themselves more; but still, there are some related observations that are helpful). i’m finding it quite emotionally draining to hear my story of failures rehashed by her.

i don’t so much find jobs boring or under-stimulating. more, i can’t function with the panic and the demand for everything to be done “yesterday.” i think if they’d pay me more i’d probably be more willing to put up with more of the panic and all the humiliation, but as it stands, the amount of money coming in doesnt adequately motivate me to engage in the amount of work they require. the whole “now now now!” syndrome just leaves me emotionally dysregulated. i’m very good in a TRUE emergency situation (gee! might it be because I have ADHD? no way! ya kidding?) but when it’s a manufactured sort of “we need to humiliate you so that you feel bad enough to continue to accept the paltry pay so we don’t have to give you a raise” sort of panic, i don’t give 'em the same degree of cooperativeness, funny that. i wrote recently that, if i have to work at the typical go-go-go pace all day monday, then i need the rest of the week off just to recover from monday. if they need me monday AND tuesday AND wednesday, i’m going to need a month off … that’s my ADHD-oriented experience at work, it’s like my dysregulation is on a geometric progression …

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