What a fun combo. Anyone else?

Four years ago our two kids were diagnosed with ASD (aka autism or aspergers) and that process led my husband and me to have lightbulb moments about ourselves. Woah! My childhood, my whole life, was suddenly explained! I said to my son’s psychologist that I thought I was on the spectrum and she giggled, “It’s a bit obvious!” :joy:

Then, in my desperation to keep a semi-decent level of cleanliness in my home I read ‘That House That Cleans Itself’ (fabulous book, I think, for brains). There’s a spot with a number of pages of questionnaire and at the end she says that marking yes to much of it indicates ADHD tenancies. Well, I think I marked us to all but one. Thus began my interest in learning about ADHD.

It makes so much sense for all four of us. It’s really helped me to stop beating myself up for my scatteredness, and instead scaffold my life with supportive tools and kindness to my brain.

I use my smart phone for all sorts of things but I simply cannot do two things on my phone: read books, keep a to-do list. Both of those things need to be on physical paper. Why did I beat myself up for not being able to use an app to keep a list??? Is this a sensory thing? A permanency thing? I don’t know.

I could keep writing for ages, but I’d love to hear from others who are finding their way with both of these sets of letters. What are your biggest challenges? Your biggest ah-ha moments? Your big and small successes?


I’m an aspie/ADHD cross too. I find it difficult to differentiate between the two, but I have an autism whisperer lady (read: very clever NT woman who knows a LOT about both autism and ADHD), that talks about the benefits of the cross. She talks about the ADHD helping with power and initiative and the autism helping with focus and special interests. I like her way of looking at the good points of each. And I feel like she is completely on point. One day my ADHD takes me on a ride with thoughts about making an app for people leasing things of each other. Another day thoughts of making an investment blog. And so on, and so on. Some of the rides are quite intense, but also fun. Being able to dream up a future in so much detail. And who knows. Maybe my ADHD will one day find a thought future that fits me and that I’ll act on. Then I hope my autism can help with not getting bored :sweat_smile: