ADHD assesments, or lack of


I live in Somerset in the UK and have recently found out that a child in Somerset will not be diagnosed with ADHD if they are not hyperactive, also they will not assess an adult for ADHD at all, there is the option of paying for a private assessment, but if your like me this is not an easy option due to lack of money.
So basically there is no help for anybody who has non hyperactive ADHD/ADD, which I strongly believe my son and I have.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do, to get the help we need?


That sucks, sorry to hear that! :frowning:

Would it be possible to get a referral from your GP to a specialist ADHD diagnostic service outside of Somerset?

Or maybe crowdfund the money for a private assessment? If you shared it here and on other similar sites, I’m sure you’d find people who would be happy to chip in! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it is a postcode lottery in the UK and different areas offer different stuff. What you could do is contact your local CCG and make a complaint, that’s helped things along for me in the past.


I’ve tried asking for an out of area assesment but they won’t do it, even though there’s a specialist ADHD clinic literally 30 minutes away.
That’s a good idea about the go fund me thing, I’ve never done one before and never would have thought of it, so I’ll look into it, thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve tried going to the CCG and they were really unhelpful, but thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


That’s ridiculous, but common enough.

I never presented with hyperactivity, and completely disregarded ADHD for 49 because of that “H”.

Personally I think they should ditch the “H” and take it back to just “ADD”. That little H is causing so many problems for so many people.

Or maybe change it entirely to “AH/LT” = Advanced Hyperfocus / Lateral Thinking. :smile:

Sorry, I can’t give any helpful advice other than to move elsewhere. Or maybe contact the media? Write up a press release with all the facts (Journalists these days don’t generally like stories they have to write themselves).