ADHD assessment pricing?


So i am trying to finally get an assessment for ADHD and ive done so much research and i found a psychologist that specializes in ADHD and he is accepting sliding scale (no insurance) he told me that the full assesment usually starts at $15,000!! :astonished: (ouch :dizzy: ) but he said that he is willing to work with me and lower it to $850…
. Is $850 a reasonable price for 8 weeks of adhd and learning disability assessment / diagnosing? i have no insurace. Sorry to ask but i am new to all of this :cry:



Well, where do you live? Without insurance, I’m assuming US? $15000 sounds like a LOT, but I also question what the heck you need 8 weeks of screening and testing for…!:open_mouth: I don’t know the processes everywhere, but usually it’s a series of meetings/interviews/conversations with a psychogist (or psychiatrist depending on where you are), and then you get your diagnosis after between 2 and 6 sessions, usually… So even with 1 meeting per week, I don’t understand $15000… Even including the overpriced tests you have to take…
We have public healthcare where I live, but because I was in a bit of a rush, I opted for private, and it cost me… Somewhere around $1000 for 4(/5) sessions + tests + medication consultation. Possibly a bit more than that, but I live in an expensive place when dealing with the private market, so…



It sound high, but it also sounds like more than an ADHD screening. I live in Michigan and mine was about 3000 all in, and I was screened for learning disabilities, and then ADHD. The assessment was done over the course of 2 days the first day being the dyslexia screening and then getting recommended a second day of screening for ADHD. I did the second day of screening and about two weeks or later got my assessment which was about 25 pages with the full details of the report and recommendation on how to get help. Mine was pretty comprehensive. I am not sure where you live, and maybe 15K is reasonable, especially if they are screening for a lot of stuff. My initial screening was going to cost 1500 and only went up because we added the second screening after getting the results of the first and my neuropsychologist thinking I showed some signs of ADHD. All in all it took about 5 weeks because my 2 days were split up by a week or so, and the first questionnaire was submitted before the first appointment. so my last appointment was probably right around week 5.

I am not sure if that helps or not. but, sliding scale is always helpful, and the $15K might be what they would charge insurance? being uninsured, or not having coverage for these things, you usually get a lower rate. I hope this helps, Good luck.